the cultish effect in speaking bullsh!t as a first language..

I stopped participating in the conversing art of bullshit a couple of years ago and got away from the “bullshit cult” I unintentionally belonged too in the process, REALLY!..we all know its a cultish language that’s made up and full of empty vocabulary words that kool aids your brain to make you believe in something that is the farthest from the truth to hook line and […]

over time i became a scapegoat survivor..

  i grew up in an adopted dysfunctional family having a narcissist as a mother.. out of the 3 of us, one of us was designated to play the role of the scapegoat otherwise referred to as the black sheep of the pretty sure i willingly took turns playing that role with my younger sibling passing it back and forth whenever it was convenient and suited […]

its all about the transformation of ones self, that only you can do for yourself..

I went to my monthly tarot meet up yesterday at the Boston tea room which is a metaphysical shop located in downtown me, its the equivalent of my daughter madi, who’s obsessed with make up, going to Sephora..i feel like my inner child is awakened in this kind of environment as I get to “play” and “dabble” […]

I decided to write myself your open letter of a much needed apology..

I have had to learn the REAL power of forgiveness over the course of my life, and the reasons why it is so important and valuable to always stay true to we approach the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippor I am faced again with the treacherous act of having to go through a series of actions and emotions […]

im not a relationship expert,and in fact I really sucked at it for a long while

I was reading an article that someone had shared on facebook the other day and it got me to thinking about expired relationships, and why some people choose to hold on to them after they are completely emotionally not a relationship expert and in fact I really sucked at it for a long while, im just simply fascinated by our […]

the human spirit can be the most remarkable warrior

I became aware of a word the other day, that I had truly never heard before that has made sense to a lot of time I wasted in searching for a bigger definition than narcissist..i used to believe I was a tad bit crazy based on my own very personal experiences that my situations at times where factious and […]

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