My Online Store Is Coming Soon

Im in the process of getting ready to open my online shop soon.  If you go to my website, at the top right corner you will see the “store” icon that will eventually soon lead you to my business.  It has been a labor of love this last year, trying to really go within and figure out what to do in the next phase of my life tuning 50 and entering into 2020.  It is a new era all around the board and Im taking full advantage of this illuminating spectrum.

Im selling my Crystal Healing Bracelets  that are energetic medicinal remedies and including a service for those who wish to custom tailored their Crystal Healing Bracelets for specific needs and wants.  I will be adding a consulting service for those looking for advice and coaching on how to go about using and applying crystals to their everyday life and home. Lastly,  I will be available online for private tarot reading services.Continue reading “My Online Store Is Coming Soon”


BYE 40lisha HELLO 50lishious

My 40 year decade is now coming to its official closing ceremony as I hit the 50 mark tomorrow, which I have to say I’m beyond thrilled about.  These last 10 years have given me more lessons, wisdom and gifts ( which while going through let’s be honest at times I could never understand ) that I am now thoroughly enjoying and seeing the beautiful brighter picture of why it all went down the way it did.

You see, I have become affectively powerfully resilient because of these times pushing me to work through and heal so much of my own fucking crap so I could land and wind up on the other side of the equation aligning me (us) to be where I am today.  Im using all that I have gained in the most effective way possible, allowing for me to personally and professionally grow so I can create and be an inspiration to others (especially my daughters).Continue reading “BYE 40lisha HELLO 50lishious”


I have had some good odds of luck lately, call it planetary favoritism you might say in my chart of Scorpio. Last month for shits and giggles I applied for a slot at the TEDX DETROIT LAB that is an exhibit part of the show, showcasing all kinds of artist and vendors, picking me to be apart of this amazing opportunity. 

 I realized in that short congratulatory moment that I really needed to step up my game BIG TIME and had 3.5 weeks till go date to do it. I needed to really stretch myself farther than I ever had in order to incorporate all the universal gifts that are about to come my way as a reward for putting myself out there.  I showed my husband the email after I found the space to contain my excitement and together we are rising to the challenge, putting magicalmaven on display in a GO TEAM REZNIK fashion at TEDX DETROIT Nov. 6th.Continue reading “I AM A TEDX DETROIT EXHIBITOR”



Its that time of year again when every one is conditioned to believe that the FALL EQUINOX is the first day of fall, when in natures reality it is actually the PEAK of its season..Nature and its animals have been adjusting and gathering since mid august for the upcoming winter months, working over time to collect, change and shed all that is no longer for this cycle and prudent to the fall and rise of our natural seasons..

In this specific time of year as well that you also have the 2 major Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur followed by the festival of Sukkot..These 3 consecutive holidays start with the celebration of the new year with, followed with the holiest day for atonement and forgiveness and then ends with the gathering, harvest and the commemoration of the journey..Continue reading “CELEBRATING THE PEAK OF THE FALL EQUINOX..”

The upcoming rise of the Phoenix


My website is currently going threw a much needed massive makeover (patience is a virtue), which is why I haven’t blogged or been on here at all lately.

I am really excited and looking forward to my returning back once it is up and running with some great new blogs, content and lastly a place where you can purchase my very own beautiful crystal medicine bracelets that I customize and create with the work of channeling. Each one so far has been one of a kind, holding a specific intention that is created and blessed with its own personal crystal story.Continue reading “The upcoming rise of the Phoenix”



I’ve always been a story teller, creating a flow of verbal energy in a positive way for the vibrational effect with others..As a child, i think I teetered between a Marcie made fantasy place I sought as refuge from the real world and the realistic ideology of a struggling kid that just wanted to connect and find somewhere to plug into (effects of being adopted)..I thinks its why mainly I have enjoyed doing peoples nails the last 22 years..

My husband and I traveled to Arizona this past February for a course on shamanism and the application of crystals and I decided to create a bracelet that incorporated all the stones I normally keep in my pockets on a daily basis..This made traveling a lot lighter and easier for me, while giving the energetic vibration that I use to enhance a calm chill demeanor..The woman who shared a seat in our row complemented us on our bracelets making me begin to think about beading in a different light..Continue reading “IM ON A ROLL WITH BEADS….”

An unorthodox way of “cleaning house”

Lately, I have found myself being asked on several different occasions if I would be interested for hire to perform an “in house” purification ceremony to cleanse the space and environment from an energetic vibrational point of view..Im so glad people are beginning to wake up and want to hire an energetic cleaning lady!

For many (I can visualize the eye roll) it sounds like a bunch of woo woo crap, yet for me who sees energy in another dimensional form, it is very real and necessary when wanting to neutralize and harmonize a space that seems to be and feel stagnate, heavy and icky..So I took the initiative and ordered my supplies..Continue reading “An unorthodox way of “cleaning house””

my body is speaking the language of shingles, and Im listening..

Do you ever have those day when you intellectually know you shouldn’t be going to work out due to an illness or injury, yet find yourself in the threshold of the gym anyways..There are days when we show up for things that clearly we don’t belong at, creating more harm than none by allowing the ideology of our wounded ego to speak in its micro managed language of nonsense..

Some day you have to over ride your ego and listen to your body, even when you think and believe you know better because ultimately the body will always win..You also have to do so without the commentary and inner dialog of ridicule or mental punishment and just allow your self to be, without any extra added adjectives that will only diminish the value of listening to what your body has to say in the first place..Continue reading “my body is speaking the language of shingles, and Im listening..”

I gave myself a raise..perks of being my own boss!

I did something wild, unapologetic actually and finally upped my manicuring price after 10 years from $18 to $20 starting May 1st giving myself a long over due pay raise..The truth was, I have been undercharging my worth and the value of the services I provide to my clients out of fear of being rejected and abandoned by asking for what I deserve..I think I forgot that I was my own boss..

My experience throughout my life of asking people who you would figure you could, and found out within their response that you cant or shouldn’t, played a major role in the dysfunctional belief system I had running through my brain..It had prevented me from doing and saying so many things out of fear of being rejected that I believe it was actually a hindrance in my ability to really see myself in all its beautiful divinity..Continue reading “I gave myself a raise..perks of being my own boss!”

The cons of manufactured happiness..

I was listening to a podcast last week while driving to work and somewhere in the interview a term was dropped that caught my attention..I had never heard the two words manufactured and happiness coined together but it sure blasted a most spectacular AHA light bulb kind of effect making absolute sense..

Now a days you can easily find it all over all the social media platforms displayed in an array of colorful produced fabricated disguises..That once upon a time little yet effective retail therapy spree to make you temporarily feel good, euphoric and high has expanded into an array of other platforms.. Some go as far as using exotic places, enticing the wounds by capturing the ambiance of a self help experience, manufacturing and producing that same emotional encounter that is simply for the lack of better words, temporary..unless of course your really out to do the work..Continue reading “The cons of manufactured happiness..”

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