Crystals, Cleansing & Purification

Crystals have a unique & natural energetic vibration source all of their own, that at times needs to be recharged & purified just like humans need a rest.

We collectively share together crystalline inside of our cellular make up which is why we respond so well to the mineral kingdom, making it a wonderful source to work naturally with.

Here are some of my own tips & techniques for you use to recharge & power back up that natural charged frequency that can become tired when worn & used over Time.

1) Sage your jewelry

2) Place your jewelry on Selenite

3) Play your most favorite music to your jewelry

4) Ring bells next to your jewelry

5) Place your jewelry on a windowsill for the full moon bath (highly recommend every month)

6) Give your jewelry a vacation by putting it somewhere where the sun & the moon can reenergize it for 72 hours and let it rest.

7) Place it on a tray covered in sea salt  (wonderful powerful cleaner)

8) Gently wash the BRACELETS only in water with very mild soap and then lay it out to dry in natural sun light (do not submerge the bracelet, yet allow the water to run over it for a few sec and dry by patting gently with a towel)

These are just a few of the things you can do that will allow for the crystals to be purified from your every day wear that will remove unwanted energies that are not apart of the Crystal Healing bracelet and restore it back to its natural energetic self.