My Story

Ever since I was a child I have always been a seeker & drawn to the mystic world of metaphysics, dabbling in a variety of teachings for my own personal development & healing process.  From my long lived personal love of crystals, I decided with the push of my husband at the age of 46 to extended my self taught wisdom &  became a double Certified Crystal Healer with Ashley Levy & Hibiscus Moons teachings.

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Crystals & Good Vibes

My husband also encouraged me during this time to work with our local healer (who I personally go to for self care) & took her Reiki training with 3 other women that I spent 2.5 years doing & am now a level 3 Reiki Master.  


I continued to further my education & completed in Denver & Tucson 2 separate 4 day courses with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen (who is a classic Chinese medicine doctor & an 88Th generation Daoist master in 2 different lineages) on creativity & the applications of crystals & shamanism & stones, adding these to my crystal learning repertoire.

I had been making my own personal crystal healing bracelet, due to the fact that for years I carried so many tumbled crystals in my pocket that I maybe I was on to something.  


It dawned on me during our flight to the 2018 Tucson Gem & mineral show, that maybe there was a niche for me after the woman on our flight asked where I had gotten all my bracelets.  So we went to my first bead show & I decided to take everything that I have learned & apply it into creating wearable custom intentional crystal healing bracelets to help nurture & promote ones own personal growth. (To support healing, not to replace professional care and attention).  


Along with all these healing modalities I have had a long lived love for reading tarot cards (since I was a teenager) personally & professionally.  I am a member of our local Detroit tarot guild.

My Mission

This website has given me a creative outlet & platform to share my own healing process exposing the humanness to which we all are effected by.  Many of my blogs ( some come with the f-bomb) are from my own true personal life experiences of being an adoptee, a child, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a survivor of divorce, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, a warrior, a manicurist and a healer.

My hope is to insightfully inspire people towards working within their own personal healing  (because it can be done & I am proof) & develop themselves within their self as a soul, spirit, physically, emotionally, personally & mentally finding harmony in their weakness, strength, agility & ability to grow..

I believe the universe is abundant & available in the awakening of our higher conscious, healing the wounds of our past while leading us towards the exploratory ideas & understand of its knowledge and wisdom.  May we all find the key to enlightenment & the restoring of our authentic selves..peace love faith hope