Crystals & Intention

This is a quick informative video explaining how to clean, cleanse, purify, study and program your own quartz crystal with intention for healing & creating self abundance.

Crystals & Our Wellbeing

These are my go to crystals to help combat the every day stressors in life, mentally, emotionally, spiritual & physically.

Our Love of Brandenberg Smokey Amethyst

My husband & I started collecting these most magnificent majestic specimens of the mineral kingdom after he fell head over heals in love with them.  The Brandberg Amethyst come from a sacred place in Namibia Africa known to the local San Tribe people as “The Fire Mountain” which is the oldest desert in the world & also referred to as The Mountain Of The Gods.  

This mystic blend of Amethyst, Clear & Smoky Quartz is a high-vibrational crystal because it was formed where Earth most powerful meridians cross.  What makes these crystals so unique & special besides its color spectrum & chambers are the remarkable phantoms, enhydros,  & inclusions that are mesmerizing & breathtakingly beautiful.  

The local people have used this as a talisman of shamanic healing to restore one back to their etheric blueprint, the energetic state that existed before the soul’s journey began, in order to realign with the Divine Source. These Brandberg Amethyst are known to attunes us to the pure consciousness of  multi-dimensional healing of our own personal being & that of the planetary as well.  

Crystals & the Heart Chakras

This is an in-depth conversation about using crystals & the tarot cards to connect with the chakra centers of the body for healing inspiration.

Crystals & Grounding

This is a short video to explain how to incorporate the use of Tarot Cards & Crystals in your meditation practice or breath work for grounding, stability & the reconnection to Mother Earth.