The upcoming rise of the Phoenix

  My website is currently going threw a much needed massive makeover (patience is a virtue), which is why I haven't blogged or been on here at all lately. I am really excited and looking forward to my returning back once it is up and running with some great new blogs, content and lastly a place where you can purchase … Continue reading The upcoming rise of the Phoenix

storm survivor…

I found this the other day...I don't even really need to write a blog to describe the meaning intended from this profound picture.. life will always give us opportunities to see who is standing under our umbrella when life hits hard, because it will that's just par for the course.. it is here where you … Continue reading storm survivor…

How to follow your calling even when your scared!

over the course of the last few years, I have regularly gone to a healer to help me organize better my emotional thoughts and feelings while working on my over all state of being energetically, spiritually, mentally and has been one of the greatest blessings that has happened for me, for so many unique and special reasons.. i wont lie though, in … Continue reading How to follow your calling even when your scared!

when you trade your fear up to FEARLESS..

have you ever had one of those relationships ( physically, spiritually, emotionally) with something, someone or yourself that you hold onto for dear life, even though you known in the deepest parts of your brain and soul that the only reason why you remain clutching on to it, is out of the stubborn fear of letting it go regardless of all … Continue reading when you trade your fear up to FEARLESS..

our 1st Mexican adventure..

my husband and I traveled to Mexico last week for the first time ever..i was a bit "afraid" and skeptical because of all the media and advice that you get and took it with a splash of salt..for starters having duel citizenship to Israel and having a lot of people say the same things about that country aloud me to … Continue reading our 1st Mexican adventure..

A Mexican getaway!

I've been purposely absent from my everyday life this past week enjoying the much needed "vacation" from this life in general..I'd like to refer to it as a well deserved check out and check into aTulum break..we all need from time to time one of those which eran and I have never had it … Continue reading A Mexican getaway!

now that’s my man..happy 7 yr. anniversary

I met a boy so many forgotten years ago, who I never suspected or imagined would end up becoming my husband so many grown up years later..the crazy thing about love is, that no matter how many romance novels or movies you watch, when it happens to you, YOU are never truly prepared for it.. sometimes you are … Continue reading now that’s my man..happy 7 yr. anniversary

COOL CHICK style trend for mercury retrograde..

what is mercury  retrograde, and why does is make us act "bat shit crazy".. there are 3 periods of time every year when mercury goes retrograde, meaning that the planets normal direction stops and then shift into a backward motion temporarily leaving you to feel off kilter and like everything you do is being undone.. during this phase, it is not a … Continue reading COOL CHICK style trend for mercury retrograde..

over time i became a scapegoat survivor..

  i grew up in an adopted dysfunctional family having a narcissist as a mother.. out of the 3 of us, one of us was designated to play the role of the scapegoat otherwise referred to as the black sheep of the pretty sure i willingly took turns playing that role with my younger sibling passing it back and forth whenever it was convenient and suited … Continue reading over time i became a scapegoat survivor..

The Unabbreviated Enthusiasts podcast..episode 3

i love these coffee conversations with my cohost and friend Dori..we are the unabbreviated enthusiasts and we are a Monday morning weekly podcast talking about life wrapped up in our own unique style..we would love to hear your feedback and encourage comments below..thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy this episode on WHO WE ARE.. you can contact … Continue reading The Unabbreviated Enthusiasts podcast..episode 3