i heard the voice of Deepok chopra in my headphones

I was at the gym yesterday afternoon just about to get my shit on and begin my climb on the stair machine when I noticed I had my Pandora station set on my meditation station from the day before..just as I was about to switch it over to my inspirational get my ass charging sevendust station, I heard theContinue reading “i heard the voice of Deepok chopra in my headphones”


have you ever decided to get into the car and drive under the influence? have you ever stupidly gotten into the car as a passenger with someone under the influence? the game playing of intoxicated Russian roulette when driving under the influence of anything, alcohol, drugs, prescription narcotics isn’t really a game the rest of the world needsContinue reading “PLEASE DONT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE”

sometimes, we become so complacent in our comfort

I have felt a bit uninspired the last few day, and not because there are a lack of words to share, that’s just completely impossible LOL, it was just a lack with in the intent to which I try to spread my content..im a pretty positive person who try’s to always see the goodness in someone or a situation..i tryContinue reading “sometimes, we become so complacent in our comfort”

what is said at the table, stays at the table

I have been a working manicurist for over 18 years now, among one of the longest continuous committed relationship I have had thus far in my life..i got into this business after I came back home from Israel after living there for 7.5 years returning with barley any usable skills..i had recently become a single mom to my one year old littleContinue reading “what is said at the table, stays at the table”

the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf

I’ve realized there are going to be some hard days with being a mom to a child abroad..you just want an opportunity to hug them and hold them in your arms, sometimes just because and other times because there is nothing like that of being their beloved mother..the last time I got to hug my daughter Shezaf was back in December when weContinue reading “the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf”

some of our greatest dreams are still awaiting our arrival as late as we are to them

what’s behind the story of who you forgot you wanted to become long ago that keeps you dreaming of what it would have be like..what exactly was it that side tracked you so far away from the once exciting vision that you had and why haven’t you shipped it off to the deserted island of where forgotten dreams go too.. whenContinue reading “some of our greatest dreams are still awaiting our arrival as late as we are to them”

be the bedazzling factor to someone other than your self

sometimes when you your self are uninspired for what ever the reason may be, the best remedy to fix the blahs is by using your thoughts to inspire someone else who is currently looking to be moved , charging a electrical currant that will automatically reboot your shortage..i know for me personally, I can sit here at myContinue reading “be the bedazzling factor to someone other than your self”

nourish the wisdom from the journey

sometimes you must have within the grasps of your being a belief of something so magically divine in order to help get you through some of your hardest phases of life..even if you have to conjure up something that your ego will convince you is make believe, your spirit will be creatively working to support your ability to seekContinue reading “nourish the wisdom from the journey”

love will always win….

we paid 10 dollars to get married at the court house, can you fucking believe that..no fairytale wedding to go along with our fairytale story..by choice.. no sit down meal, no open bar, no dancing, no cocktail hour, no rabbi, no wedding dress, no tuxedo, no groomsmen, no bridesmaid, no chupa, nope nada nothing..it was the mostContinue reading “love will always win….”

the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world

yesterday I had my monthly tarot meet up class, which I am always so overly geeked about going to..for me, its like the equivalent of taking a child to Disneyland for the day..i  have been going to this place in Ferndale Michigan called the Boston Tea Room for a while now and have had great success in developing and owningContinue reading “the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world”