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The Last Day Of My Pandemic Vacation.

Tomorrow I return to my manicuring day job 3 exact months later due to the pandemic mania lockdown 2020.  I think my circadian rhythm is aligning with my sleep pattern again naturally, waking me up this morning at my usual time of 6:15am when I don’t have to actual be at work until tomorrow.  Our body is such a beautiful remarkable mechanism of restoration, when we allow it to flow in its divine energetic sync of life.

Over the course of the last 3 months I have surprisingly been taught things I didn’t realize I could learn, making my time here on earth really count for more, even during the lock down. What I chose NOT TO DO for my inner psyche was to sit back & be in a constant destructive thought pattern of negativity to a temporary situation that was fully out of my own control.  Sometimes this planet offers us a sobering series of life’s lessons requiring a healthy state of mind (emotionally, mentally & spiritually) for the examination.  I believe we actually were just tested.

What I did instead was use this moment wisely for my highest good, really dissecting that box I believed I was once designed for no longer fits me emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. I think personally the biggest virus I chose to evade during this entire time & not become infected with is the memetic virus of the human mind.  The last 3 months I have grossly watch it spread from person to person, contaminated by the outlets used to intentionally programed us with fear.  It really makes me think about how I intend on conducting myself from here on out, stepping away even more so from the things that are simply processed instead of organic.

I came to realize I that I really do have that strength & resilience with myself, my husband & our daughters, as we each have grown in our own unique ways.  I have done things that I can say prepandemic I would have never have done or thought of doing out of fear, rescuing those thoughts, feeling & beliefs from the misplaced territories that they once resided within.  I think there is something really beautiful in the darkness of a situation, hopefully inspiring one to search for its unmeasurable light in hopes of growth, restoration & the expansion of self.

May you find the courage to rewire your life, using the energetic chain supply of nutrients that are abundant & available to further the evolution of the human spirit.  May you have the real courage to not only detox the body, yet the pollutants of the mind & spirit that are more contaminated than you could ever really realize.  May you find the unique beauty in this momentary set back that has now pushed you again forward in hopes of finding its universal gifts for the taking.  Everything in nature works in a cycle, we are just required to pay closer attention.  Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3 





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The Unexpected Goodbyes Of Pandemic 2020

A little & A lot has happened over quarantine these last few months, taking my flow of emotions from one place to another without apology or remorse since that’s the way life rolls.   Instead I decided to become more vigilant to find the beauty in this unexpected event knowing that what was before, will no longer be again, opening the space for all of us to evolve.   It reminds me that no matter how far you think you have come in life, there will always be a crazy turn of events that will shake your foundation, spitting you out into the next act in your life.  How you land it is completely up to you.

My husband & I said goodbye to our oldest daughter this morning.  She decided a few weeks ago to pack up her entire life from our lower level which now is bare & empty into her car & move out of state.  It was time for a life change,  spreading her wings for flight as she drives to Florida for warmer brighter days.  I don’t believe she would have ever pulled the trigger if this pandemic wouldn’t have happened, creating in all honesty, a super charge of energy that is either going to force your drive or stall you out.  This kid decided to hit the gas instead, while so many of us are still stuck in neutral.

Since my day job as a manicurist was abruptly put on hold due to the pandemic, I decided it was time to begin identifing myself as a jewelry designer instead, specializing in the healing arts.  What I once was only capable of seeing as a hobby I now believe is my full time gig, feeling so creative & purposeful in this new place.  This pandemic shut down unintentionally broken down all the beliefs I had about my self, my job, my work & the false ideas that were limiting my growth.

What dawned on me during this lockdown is that I would have never had the courage to “stop” working as a manicurist on my own accord.  The universe however managed to conspired against me, showing me that this crippling fear of surrender had been more powerful in my head, than the actual act of me letting go.  All the stories I had made up about me not doing nails anymore, never once showed up in the last 9 weeks of this no work uncertainty, debunking all the myths i created first hand into leverage truths while I sit at home.  Where I go from here will be out of truth & no longer out of fear.

I think we as people create stories to keep ourselves small, contained & comfortable, relying on a fear of the unknown to dictate our own personal beliefs.  We naively live in this state until the eruption is more powerful that we bargained for, clearing the air so to speak  Sometimes the super natural force of life comes as a way to offset this mentality & awaken the human spirit once again for its personal evolution & the will to grow, prosper & live in the natural alignment of ones own self.

The world will continue to live, move, shift, arrange, leaving nothing to be permanent or for granted.  Where you go from here is entirely up to you & lets be clear it has never been normal from the get go.  Discover the opportunity of reinvention instead of this idea for a new kind of normal which across the board will never cease to truly exist & only remain to keep you small.    May the flight of life continue to inspire, encourage & illuminate all walks of life.  Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3






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The Angry Entertainment Of Corona

Theres been a lot of what I call Corona Angry Entertainment during this lockdown, now actively unfollowing & choosing to socially distance my self even more so from most of the shit show network & social media nonsense.  I decided for my own pursuit of optimism & happiness, to check out from the outlets that act like a peacock know it all complex, especially when it turns arrogant with fighting words as a way to impose a control of will onto others in all spectrums of this situation.  

Then there are the corona angry entertainers who act like experts on the subject, going into full blown temper tantrums when the expression of their ideas, beliefs & opinions are being opposed by another.  Its turned into a playground of personal agenda bullies, that in truth, has very little to do with anything except the elevated power trip to feel better than the next Elmer Fudd who thinks they know everything too.  

The media has been brilliantly tactical in stuffing us to information obesity that it has made so many people crazy, afraid, mad & angry.  We are being over fed with the medias toxic nutrients that like that of processed food, will take a toll on our overall psyche.  It makes me wonder if we are we being hypnotized through these media platforms as a way to control & manipulate the general population in hopes of gaining such chaotic responses.   Just a thought.  

My past unhealed traumatized self would have gladly participated, joyfully in some of the needless rants of threads I have seen, wanting my egotistical opinion to be heard.  Now I just declined to react, because truthfully I don’t need to argue, defend or validate my own beliefs, nor need to try & force my will on others in hopes of changing theirs.  What I have learned in my personal healing with the trauma that I have survived is that not every situation, comment or remark deserves or requires my response, especially when your no longer triggered by the playground of its audience.   Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3