MagicalMaven Bracelet Sizing, Care & Jewelry Return Policy

All my Jewelry should be worn & handled with care.  When wearing the bracelets, one should use a rolling technique to put on & take off for you will reduce the risk of excessive over stretching.  They are made according to the circumference sizing of the Imperial system using Inches ( 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8).  Please note the bracelets are made with elastic & have a limited stretching capability when choosing your size.  Do not submerge them in water as it will ruin & destroy the materials used in creating these Crystal Healing Bracelets.  Wearing them on a wrist next to a  smart watches will alter the energetic vibration from the EMF ( Electromagnetic Field) of the watch amplifying a negative wave of energy instead of the intended purpose.   They are intended for the purpose of supporting, nurturing & aiding in ones evolution & healing process, not ever to replace professional help & care.

As a unique online retail healing jewelry boutique, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.