well hello and WELCOME to my magicalmaven website

Ever since I was a child I have always been a seeker and drawn to the mystic world of metaphysics, dabbling in a variety of teachings for my own personal development and healing process..

From my long lived personal love of crystals, I decided to finally at the age of 48 to become a certified crystal healer with hibiscus moons teachings and spent 2.5 years working on becoming a reiki 3 master level healer..i have recently completed a 4 day course with Jeffrey Yuen, receiving certification in stones and creativity.. 

Along with these healing modalities I have been long reading tarot cards from the time i was a teenager and am a member of the Detroit tarot guild..I also am an ordained minister through the universal life church, allowing me to perform marriage ceremonies..  

This blog has given me a creative outlet and platform to share in my own healing process exposing the humanness to which we all are effected by..many of my blogs come from my own true personal experiences of being an adoptee, a child, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a survivor of divorce, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, a warrior, and a healer..

my hope is to inspire and move people into working towards their own personal healing and development spiritually, physically, emotionally, personally and mentally finding harmony in their strength, agility and ability to grow..

I believe the universe is abundant and available in the awakening of our higher conscious leading us towards the exploratory ideas and understand of its knowledge and wisdom..may we all find the key to enlightenment and the restoring of our authentic selves..peace love faith hope





3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your bio description about f-bombing 😉 Probably one of my favorites ever! Sending you lots of love. Xx

    1. thank you for that complement! the Fbombs are a regular occurrence but as ive been told its trait of truth and intelligence! <3 sending you lots of love back Xx

  2. Your belief in the awakening of our consciousness is really inspiring. :))

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