About the Maven

My hope is to insightfully inspire people towards working within their own personal healing  (because it can be done & I am proof) & develop themselves within their self as a soul, spirit, physically, emotionally, personally & mentally finding harmony in their weakness, strength, agility & ability to grow.

This website has given me a creative outlet & platform to share my own healing process exposing the humanness to which we all are effected by.  Many of my blogs ( some come with the f-bomb) are from my own true personal life experiences of being an adoptee, a child, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a survivor of divorce, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, a warrior, a manicurist and a healer.

I believe the universe is abundant & available in the awakening of our higher consciousness, healing the wounds of our past while leading us towards the exploratory ideas & understanding of its knowledge & wisdom. May we all find the key to enlightenment & restore our authentic selves.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Linda H.

Marcie creates fashion forward bracelets, but not just pretty baubles and bangles to wear!  Marcie gorgeous bracelet have a purpose.  They are put together to aid in the energetic demands of each individual and she uses beautiful crystals which she feels would be most beneficial.  Marcie has extensive knowledge of the energetic principles of the crystals she uses. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Jenn G.

When I received my necklace from Magical Maven, I immediately drawn to the crystals. It’s absolutely beautiful and so well made. The thought behind the details and the stones is evident in its unique, one of a kind beauty. I have been wearing it everyday since I received it. It provides me with a daily sense of calm, peace, strength and intuition. I now feel naked without it! What an awesome gift!

Rating: 5 out of 5.