I Got Covid

I recently tested positive for covid after my husband noticed on Monday that my voice had gone a bit raspy, followed by having a fever all throughout the night. He by the way had Covid and has tested negative before anybody gets wiggly from this post. Truthfully I was a bit surprised that it was finally my turn to be introduced to something I was no longer afraid of. I felt I would manage successfully given who I’m married too and how I care for my body. Of course if this was the Covid that went rampant in the beginning or even the one my husband had I want to be clear I wouldn’t being feeling as optimistic. I do however trust that nature has its own way of diluting down a virus over time and the COVID Im currently dealing with is defiantly a diluted version.

So what are or were my symptoms from the get go. Well, Monday I had just a plain old raspy voice with no sore throat, no chest pain or breathing issues thankfully. I guess in the old days that could have been heard as ” a sexy voice” however in the world we live in today, Covid cleared the way for anybody sounding or feeling less than 100%. Monday night after I had gone to sleep I noticed throughout the night my body aching, my feet on fire as it was fighting a fever that overall lasted 24 hours that my husband kept a check on. The next morning I mustered up the strength to shower and wash myself, energetically cleaning my etheric body which truthfully made me feel a bit better before landing on the couch in exhaustion after.

Tuesday I decided to starve my fever like the old wives tales, drinking lots of water with a bit of fruit later in the day to keep my sugar at bay. I honestly had no desire to eat struggling to find comfort as I let my body (knowing I’m in good health) fight the fever without over the counter pain relief and trusting that my body would know what to do. My husband is an Acupuncturist/ Healer and gave me a simple effective treatment to help clear the body of its ick as I slept the majority of the day, evening and all throughout the night. My symptoms all Tuesday were raspy voice, fever, exhaustion, migraine in my eyeballs all over muscle aches.

I woke up Wednesday with an agenda and wasn’t going to let a little covid stand in my way. I’m currently enrolled in a program that meets twice a week on zoom and didn’t want to miss the 2 hour informative instruction due to my being sick. The good new was that my presence didn’t infect anyone by me being there other than looking a little less put together and it was really just me having to stay focused enough to make it through my class. It actually gave me purpose and something that I had looked forward to doing, which I believe is medicine in itself.

My symptoms on Wednesday were body aches, brain fog, stuffy nose, a rash of tiny red itchy dots all over my body and a pain in my back that at first I thought was unrelated. My husband said he has heard this complaint before from others which relaxed my concern that it was something other than covid. For me this pain spread from my shoulder blades all the way down in a bizarre sensation that has gotten worse over time. Looking back I actually think it might have been a symptom that I ignored on Saturday when my neck was feeling super painful and I attributed it to the fact that I’m fused c3-c7.

Thursday I spent the majority of the day on an off the heating pad since my back was in a lot of pain. My other symptoms were just being super tired from not having a good night sleep, feeling exhausted after doing some laundry, but over all a much better day than the day before. I decided after my shower to put some makeup on and show up for my day with optimism, even if I was just sitting on the couch. I also chose to get outside for some vitamin D and fresh air with a little bit of a walk around the neighborhood to get my body back moving. I still have that itchy rash all over my body and am hoping over time that will begin to disappear too but for now it is what it is.

It’s now the weekend and I can say that I am feeling 85% better than I was from Tuesday being at day 6 of my Covid symptoms. I still have that brain fog feeling that goes on and off that people talk about, the rash and phlegm from what was once the stuffy nose which in itself is disgusting. Each day I am definitely gaining my strength back and becoming my self once again. By the CDC standards I am now a free person, no longer confined to my home and I think I just might venture out to the grocery store for my big day today!

If you are after Covid with lasting effects and wish to implement some healthy provisions for your health, I would suggest visiting my husband Eran Reznik at Stillpoint Acupuncture and Healing Bodywork if you are local for acupuncture and healing. He has helped me greatly with this and I believe this tool of medicine is highly effective and can be very benificial for ones over all health in this specific recovery. I added a link below.


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