Crystals For Spring

It’s the pagen festival of Ostara, celebrating the peak season of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Nature has been reawakening for the last month & a half, slowly making a comeback for the upcoming months of warmth & sunshine.  It’s time for us to get back up & shake off that winter energy that was the coat for the colder months.
Here are a few crystals & minerals that can be used to help generate that energetic shift & flow that balances & aligns you with this spring shine.  Jade, Green Aventurine, Moonstone, Green Apatite, SnakeSkin Jasper, Garden Quartz, Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Citrine, Larimar, Moldavite just to name a few.
These crystals are great for creation, rebirth, change, transformation, warmth,  abundance, prosperity, good fortune & intuition.  You can wear, carry, create a crystal grid, meditate with them,  aligning your energetic state to that of the natural vibration of the mineral itself.
This is wonderful moment to create space in your every day life for the universal opportunity of ones own personal rebirth, watching nature become your teacher of how to come back alive from the long slumber months of winter.  This celebration in particular represents abundance, new beginnings, fertility & the renewal of self.
Go Outside, take a deep breath in & say hello to nature! Enjoy the SPRING SHINE Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3