The Angry Entertainment Of Corona

Theres been a lot of what I call Corona Angry Entertainment during this lockdown, now actively unfollowing & choosing to socially distance my self even more so from most of the shit show network & social media nonsense.  I decided for my own pursuit of optimism & happiness, to check out from the outlets that act like a peacock know it all complex, especially when it turns arrogant with fighting words as a way to impose a control of will onto others in all spectrums of this situation.  

Then there are the corona angry entertainers who act like experts on the subject, going into full blown temper tantrums when the expression of their ideas, beliefs & opinions are being opposed by another.  Its turned into a playground of personal agenda bullies, that in truth, has very little to do with anything except the elevated power trip to feel better than the next Elmer Fudd who thinks they know everything too.  

The media has been brilliantly tactical in stuffing us to information obesity that it has made so many people crazy, afraid, mad & angry.  We are being over fed with the medias toxic nutrients that like that of processed food, will take a toll on our overall psyche.  It makes me wonder if we are we being hypnotized through these media platforms as a way to control & manipulate the general population in hopes of gaining such chaotic responses.   Just a thought.  

My past unhealed traumatized self would have gladly participated, joyfully in some of the needless rants of threads I have seen, wanting my egotistical opinion to be heard.  Now I just declined to react, because truthfully I don’t need to argue, defend or validate my own beliefs, nor need to try & force my will on others in hopes of changing theirs.  What I have learned in my personal healing with the trauma that I have survived is that not every situation, comment or remark deserves or requires my response, especially when your no longer triggered by the playground of its audience.   Peace Love Faith Hope ❤ ❤ ❤

Published by MagicalMaven

I have always had a strong desire & affiliation with connecting to people due to my being adopted. My own personal life experiences over the last 50 plus years ended up heightening the strong sense of compassion and non judgement I have towards people in general & especially those who are suffering. This wisdom alone has made me a better professional & listener over the last 25 years in a "hands on" industry that inspired me to further my education to become a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Trained Reiki 3 master & Certified Crystal Healer.

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