The Insightful Perk In My Quarantine.

Ive had a LOT of time at home during this pandemic lockdown, going on 7 weeks of not being aloud to work & still seeing some of the optimism behind all of it.  It has been work for me to unwind the minds perception of this horrible, draining situation as I constantly remind myself that eventually this too shall pass.  I rebuilt myself over the last 15 years to accommodate & survive things that I personally cant control on my own, leaning into the flow of this universal course instead.

I have enlisted as a form of internal healthy vibration a daily morning mantra, using the Diamoku Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, also know as The Lotus Sutra, in hopes of sending out my vibration with its positive action for good causes.  I stumbled upon it by listening to a lecture that spoke of the benefits of doing such, so I figured WHY NOT, I have nothing to loose & only abundance to gain by it.   

This mantra has also given me some enthusiasm in creating a line of Malas, MagicalMaven Prayer Beads, for my online shop @ I think there is something really beautiful about this sacred talisman & the action of intention while using them.  I just ordered more beads to accommodate this inspiration that came of my having to stay home, since we are now extended to the end of May.

As a self employed manicurist for the last 23 years I haven’t ever really had the time to grow out my own nails, maintaining them short for work purpose.  I cant stop looking at how beautiful they have become, while loving the sound of them clicking on the keyboard as I type.  With all the harsh chemical & solutions that I work with, my hands are thanking me as they recover from the years of abuse that I have put them through.  This is  has been a huge perk of the quarantine.

People have continue to randomly checked in on my husband & I, knowing we are without our incomes as we are both self employed in client/ patient business.  Some calls came from the least expected, making sure we are able to provide for ourselves & to see if we needed anything.  This pandemic time has made me value some things that I might have taken for granted & for this I am grateful that we are surrounded by some really good, kind, thoughtful loving people.  Thank you ❤

Time has been of no real value to me now gaging the suns position for the time of day, freeing my wrist that accommodated my watch 24 hours a day since I was a teenager.  I have realized nothing will really happen to me if I surrender this addiction to time & management, setting free & releasing this idea, notion & need that ended up being a learned behavior & not one I need to maintain like I once felt I used to have too.

I think there are some very beautiful things that are going to be coming out of this worldly predicament, if you can allow yourself to see past the obvious & extend your preifereal vision.  Sometimes we are granted by Mother Earth a way to reinstate our physical, spiritual, monetary value, worth & time, awakening us up as a collective whole in the human species if we are able to pay attention.  While the Earth is recovering & healing from our despicable humanely ways, will we is the question, be able one day as a specie to do the same.  Peace Love Faith Hope












Published by MagicalMaven

I am a 50 plus year old woman, married and a mother to two daughters in their 20's. I am an adoptee, surviver of parental and martial narcissistic abuse, have been divorced twice and am now married over 11 years to my husband who I had a soulful connection with back when I was 21 years old. I am a Spiritual/Life Coach, Double Certified Crystal Healer (hibiscus moon and Ashley Leavy), a Reiki 3 Master, Tarot Reader and have been a working manicurist for the last 24 years..

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