The cons of manufactured happiness..

I was listening to a podcast last week while driving to work and somewhere in the interview a term was dropped that caught my attention..I had never heard the two words manufactured and happiness coined together but it sure blasted a most spectacular AHA light bulb kind of effect making absolute sense..

Now a days you can easily find it all over all the social media platforms displayed in an array of colorful produced fabricated disguises..That once upon a time little yet effective retail therapy spree to make you temporarily feel good, euphoric and high has expanded into an array of other platforms.. Some go as far as using exotic places, enticing the wounds by capturing the ambiance of a self help experience, manufacturing and producing that same emotional encounter that is simply for the lack of better words, temporary..unless of course your really out to do the work..

It got me thinking about a story I read last year about a famous spiritualist who denounced in 2017 her affiliation to the new age community she became a brand name in, was an educator, promoted, dominated and saturated for decades after converting to follow jesus..OK good for her..HOWEVER this publishing new age business goddess guru, with so much written and angelic channeled material out there, now sings another tune, essentially condemning all her past work and the studies she preached and sold to teach..She basically was a manufacturing spiritual genius leaving many of her devoted followers pissed off, confused and questioning their spiritual happiness..

All the books, lectures, oracle decks, angel tarot deck, courses, seminars, Hawaii retreats etc that she sold and made her bazillions on, now claims she doesn’t believe in and wants nothing to do with anymore..She is by far one hell of a business shark who might have laughed all the way to the bank, who will now start from scratch and probably dominate the next religious ladder she climbs manufacturing more claims for those to obtain happiness like she did in her past life..

what is manufacturing happiness and why do we do it to others, yet more powerfully to ourselves..

Do you buy something for your happiness or tell someone a story in order to manipulate them into “buying a piece of that happiness”..How can someone sell the feeling of happiness if the active energy and ingredient inside that person is missing..Maybe for a moment there will be a sensation of joy but if the emotional sensor of that space is out of order for whatever emotional reason, manufacturing that happiness wont work for long..

I have been bamboozled so many different times, subscribing to belief systems that were heavily flawed and completely inaccurate..It took me living in a small apartment with my 2 daughters, with very limited funds to ultimately discover the real and true beauty of my happiness..It is usually in the most unsuspecting places you will end up finding the content and bliss of your overall being..

Be vigilant in your quest for joy, by finding the missing pieces in things that are free and without charge..You can purchase, buy and travel to all ends of the earth, but if your inner dialogue is not smiling  and content, no place you go outside will fix the unhappy that currently resides on the inside..peace love faith hope ❤ ❤ ❤








Published by MagicalMaven

I have always had a strong desire & affiliation with connecting to people due to my being adopted. My own personal life experiences over the last 50 plus years ended up heightening the strong sense of compassion and non judgement I have towards people in general & especially those who are suffering. This wisdom alone has made me a better professional & listener over the last 25 years in a "hands on" industry that inspired me to further my education to become a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Trained Reiki 3 master & Certified Crystal Healer.

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