may you find peace in healing your sacred self..

I go to the gym and work my physical and mental body out 5 days a week as self care for myself and those around me..yes, my going to the gym alone not only benefits me but my environment and the people in its circumference as well..

I enjoy bringing my best self forward into my marriage, my children and the relationships I have honoring the connecting and its love that weaves it all together..I couldn’t do this if I didn’t allow myself the ability to be selfish and carve time out for this healing sacred ritual that frees me in a healthy outlet..

The mind body and spirit connection is prevalent to your growth and healing which is why at the end of every work out I take 5 minutes to get present and surrender to its deserved moment of stillness..

This meditation came up on my Pandora and it was so beautiful for me that I wanted to share it with you and its healing properties..may you all find peace and love in the path you walk and be protected in the work of personal and universal healing..peace love faith hope..<3 <3 <3