birthday wisdom of becoming 49..

Age is only a number that doesn’t have to describe who you are, it just informs us of how long we have been alive..

How you choose to live your life is something that you end up deciding upon, not the number itself..

Loving yourself, treating yourself good, taking proper care of yourself and doing the inner work that releases and restores your spirit is your own responsibility, one you choose to do or not..

I work out daily (the mind, body, spirit, heart connections are impetrative), I established healthy boundaries with people, I learned to say NO, I cut out dairy, I don’t drink alcohol, I sleep 8 hours a night, I eat relatively clean with minor exceptions of being human, I go to a healer, I get acupuncture, I meditate and I laugh A LOT..

In the end we all have choices, whether its followed by a series of excuses or elevated by your desire and will to really live your most valuable beautiful life..peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3