its my season for self..

ITS THE SEASON OF THE SCORPIO ( can you hear the sounds of my witchy laugh) and boy have I been waiting all year to get back into my beloved sign for an over all reboot, so buckle up buttercups for a lengthy ride through the belly of the underworld and mysterious times..

Nature is at the very tail end of its beautiful Indian summer energy, leaving these days numbered as we begin to watch the habitat of the world outside prepare for the coming months of darkness and extreme cold as it sheds its layers and transitions to hibernation as its source of instinctual survival..nature teaches and shows us how to adapt and survive if we are able to watch and pay close attention, my suggestion is put down your AI devices and go outside..

They say during the beginning of the sign of Scorpio that the veil between both worlds begins to thin ever so beautifully, enticing and inviting us to connect with spirit..weird things happen during this time of year so watch out for it if you are looking for signals and signs from beyond..this eerie yet magical energy makes me feel so alive inside, radiating a feeling of immense emotion I can truly connect too feeling my most beautiful self..

It is in this month of intensity that you can begin to peal off all the layers that have been worn long enough or have contaminated you, like its present season of autumn..Begin to take inventory of what you need and what needs to go for the duration of the long brutal cold hard winter that require of you to be still and use only what you need..

When I think about my beloved sign and the season that it falls in, it is essentially begging for us to do this intimate and personal work for the allowance of its healing during the months we should be “hibernating”..

People are moody right about now because of the moon energy and the planetary positions that are in or about to go retrograde, making every one a bit bat shit crazy..the energy around this time of year is purposely heavy, dense and not forgiving because it is requesting of you to show up and feel in this sign of Scorpio showing you what it means to be deeply rooted and energetically skinned ALIVE..

As a Scorpio, this time of year is when I feel most at home, because I am the sign of LIFE DEATH AND RESSURECTION..the constellation vibrations is that of deep complex emotions good bad or indifferent with all the life cycles that are there to transform you and resurrect you all at the same time..

Its the time when sun begins to fade and the darkness begins to become our natural light challenging us to see things from alternative perceptive..Its demanding of us to gather and collect what you need or require to support and nourish in this time period offering you a way to create and generate your own source of power of what you think light is..

I personally have so much going on right now in my head and heart professionally, that making it to this time period I feel like I am now able to explore the deepest darkest parts of myself because I am aligned and supported through its vibration..

The last few weeks I have felt sluggish, and not myself, almost as if I had been completely drained that I am back in my home sign, I naturally feel like I am being rebooted and brought back to my maximum capacity of life..i wonder if any body else feels that way as they end their birth year and return back into their natural sign of life..

Use this time as discovery, reflection, cleansing, deep thoughts and conversations, clearing, gatherings, and to start to slow things down for the next season that is coming..begin to use these darker days to catch up on your quiet time and sleep, to allow for the rejuvenation process to begin as life begins its cycle of “death” to make room for the resurrection in spring..

Be kind and gentle with yourself offering up the power of love to get you through the brutality of its coming is its own source of light if you allow for it the space to create..may the sacred energy of the Scorpio favor each and every one of you this beloved, powerful, passionate, mysterious yet most beautiful season..peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3