*inspired by coffee, love, and deep committed training..

*educate your self in a way that allows you to set your intention to something your authentically doing that bring you joy and happiness, regardless of the exterior voices that chirp to diminish your natural creativity..

*stay grounded in your purpose if what you are doing is a healthy outlet that promotes your souls ability to manifest the growth within that has the opportunity to create abundance and prosperity around you..

*remain true to your own path and not the path of guilt that has been assigned to you, even if it seems discouraging at times making it feel hard for you to travel on a rocky road alone, it is here you will find your greatest insights of the world around you..

*collect and gather the helpful and useful universal information around you physically mentally spiritually that informs you of your surroundings, giving you clues, awareness and the ability to know what is happening in this life that encompasses you..

*take chances that might make you feel a bit uneasy yet have a potential to push you to the outer limits of your habitual behavior, getting you to see past the mundane and into the extraordinary spaces where the actual experience is waiting to take place..

*there is always a choice in every area of your life no matter how ignorant you decide to feel at the time about a situation that is forcing you to choose, and it is in this decision that you will find the courage and strength to move mountains when you decide to change..

*see the expiration dates on things, people, relationship, connections, places that have become wilted and need heavy nurturing or that have run its course that could otherwise be utilized by fresh innovated experiences that instead give you the healthy nutrients to grow..

*allow your own experiences to be the navigating antenna instead of banking on others to lead you somewhere you are not equipped to travel as a follower, unless your looking to expand your horizon and learn a new way making you a student of life..

*create or be a part of a community that is enriched with fostering the same idea and beliefs that you embody as a whole,  bringing you to the table of dynamic collaboration and mindful use of your time..

*don’t take something from somewhere without giving back elsewhere, creating an equal exchange of energy that promotes the natural flow of balance in this universe of life if you don’t want to feel the negative aftermath because of it..

*compliment others while raising them up, even more so when you feel less than because of your own self consumed obsessed egotistical shit that prevents you from being a decent human being out of jealousy and greed..

*don’t be afraid to say no..

*when you hear someone say no to you don’t take it personal and be offended by their own boundaries, if its important enough to you to do than have the integrity to DO IT YOURSELF..

*kindness is beautiful, free and not a sign of weakness, it has never costed anything to give away and holds the highest harmonic potential for the return on your investment when done accordingly..

peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3   






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