how emotional dis ease can affect our health on an energetic level..

I had a crystal revelation moment (most of you from facebook will probably stop reading at this point) while I was outside rereading my vibrational medicine was part of my reading curriculum for the crystal healing certification course I completed in the winter, finding the book highly fascinating and educational in my evolution of being a healing spiritual influencer..

Sometimes we tend to move through things out of pure excitement and joy missing the elemental factors that are in plane sight..we are so occupied with binging everything that excites us, not really paying as close attention as we should be missing key factors that eventually, hopefully we pick back up in other ways, maybe..

When we think of the human body from an energetic point of view (go ahead and put your kookoo hat on for a minute), we have the ability to view our “body” from an etheric advantage, expanding outward moving into emotional, vital and astral auras bodies of our entire being..yes, they actually exist..

So basically our human energy field is like a radiating bubble around making us vulnerable and susceptible to many factors we come in contact with verbally, emotionally, mentally and physically that we never actually gave thought or value too in terms of ourselves and with can be affected without ever noticing you have actually been violated and dumbed on.

Take for instance (flow with me) someone standing in line at a store while being privy to a heated argument between two other people standing in the same line..while nobody is ever needing to physically put hands on another to be affected, the words and emotional exchange alone hold a charge that penetrates into your own astral field of energy..this has a subtle effect depending on the experience believe it or not, which is thankfully in this situation just a temporary moment of inconvenience..

Its really the same analogy (to break it down for you better) if you were all collectively taking a shit together in the same bathroom with individual toilets and simultaneously flushing your waste with the seats covers open..this then leads to having all the bacteria from the toilet come up and microscopically spatter its contents on and around you contaminating you without you really noticing but maybe being slightly grossed out..this is why I flush with the seat down..

If you are sensitive enough to other people energy, you might walk out of a situation thats compromised you in your energy field feeling tired, drained, annoyed simply by being subjected too it, just like you would be polluted in a bathroom..most people in general are not even aware of what they pick up like toxic cling, walking around the rest of the day with some one else’s funk on imagine living your life in constant energetic infestation..

Sometimes we even happen to continue the story of what we experienced at the store, internalizing it past one of our external senses that alters our thoughts and emotions for the rest of the day..this could cause us to become agitated, or bitchy, feeling sluggish or have an upset stomach without ever piecing together the cause and effect that it had taking it into our lives uninvited..

What occurred to me while I was reading was the idea of working to purify each unseen but very real layer of our energetic field that we have and reprograming the thoughtforms that have found a way to nestle and bury themselves into each existing layer all the way into our physical body..boy that was one long very scientific sentence for someone who couldn’t pass a biology or chemistry course EVER in her educational years..snort snort

Think about it for a scientific minute, every 7 years our cells regenerate all on their own basically creating a new series of nuclear building block for our entire being yet in the same energetic space and the way, every 7 years we move into a different chakra starting with birth at what is called the ROOT CHAKRA within our body system learning the values of each of its 7 centers..every 7 years we move up the chakra system and at the age of 49 they reset all together and then we begin living what we learned in each chakra beginning at the root..

How might this be important, well, if you think about it from a energetic point of view, every 7 years something profound is happening around and within us on a molecular and energetic level, without us ever knowing..when you become aware of all the things that surround you and go into the presence of being a human being with this much energy, you actually have more power over your health than what has been thought about and provided to us.. 

Although our cells might be new, the negative energetic compound of dis ease programmed into these place (sometimes lifetimes) continues to contain all of negative charged if it goes unhealed emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically the cells don’t really have a chance and begin to change into the condition of the old pattern again repeating the same behavior on a molecular level..god that was exhausting to explain..

The problem for most people I find is actually seriously working on their emotional shit..i mean really getting down and dirty allowing a true authentic real (no bullshit for instagram or facebook) healing to permitalty take place to what they have been subjected too and what they subjected others too..the biggest obstacle is the continuous loop lie we tell ourselves and everyone else over and over again to avoid the work that is necessary..

Instead, you see a growing number of repetitive problems with personality disorders, nutrition problems, addictive behaviors, entitled, lazy, egotistical culture of humans unaccountable for their own state of mind, health and over all being pointing their fingers at every one else because its too one wants to feel their pain and as a society we lack compassion and kindness for those who suffer..its much easier to diagnose and prescribe as a solution while the core problems continue to manifest..

You can have a life that isnt full of emotional, toxic thought infested mental static energetic yucky cling that will continue to penetrate and make you sick over and over again that no drug will ever begin to kill.. you are apart of the antidote HEAL THY SELF..for shits and giggle,  just notice the energy around you the next time you are around anything you don’t like (people, places, things) and  notice how you feel in your body participating in it and what your body does with the energy because of it..peace love faith  <3 <3 <3










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I have always had a strong desire & affiliation with connecting to people due to my being adopted. My own personal life experiences over the last 50 plus years ended up heightening the strong sense of compassion and non judgement I have towards people in general & especially those who are suffering. This wisdom alone has made me a better professional & listener over the last 25 years in a "hands on" industry that inspired me to further my education to become a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Trained Reiki 3 master & Certified Crystal Healer.

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