the “unspiritual” side to the spiritual self..

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ive been reclusive lately, mostly because ive been at that phase in life again for the millionth time where I just cant seem to be able to stand the idea of peopling anymore (snort snort) nor stand the sound of their HIGH PITCHED HI”S and everything else that come out of their mouths after or mine after for that matter..

i know it sounds horrible and just SOOOooo unspiritual and bla bla bla bla bla, openly admitting something I feel that some might see as so unkind..yet truthfully im not really worried about it because I just say what most of you are really already thinking, making us all collective assholes..i happen to not be afraid to wear my spirituality in a way that makes me translucent in this truth displaying all the facets to which i sparkle flaws and all..

I was listening to a pod cast last week about how we are so tight lipped tippy toed around the subject matter of our pureness with honesty when it appears to coincide with our spirituality and the ambience around spiritual as fuck borderline GANGSTA yet people in general i have no patience for anymore and am not afraid to admit it..there is truthfully nothing wrong with me expressing this and i realized i dont require a lesson of kindness because of it..knowing me, would know this !

im going to even drop a mic line and say its NOT you, its really just ME, loving my solitude staying within my tribal souls of goodness and love circle because I just cant stand the energetic vibe right now..i don’t need to subscribe to a forum of nonsense because its saturated in tye dye to offset the aroma of funk that no essential oil can mask..aura and energy tell all even in the downward dog and OM breathing breath of whatever you want to call it..

I feel so drained in this culture of the spiritual selfie explosion and the entitled belief with the amount of ME ME ME bullshit that’s filtered and without any moderation..people, your friends even, tell you what they think and believe you want to hear to help aid in the feeding and fixing of your ego..i cant even begin to tell you how unflattering it is to observe the amount of BS pouring out of the mouths of semi decent adult human beings acting as the saviors of the social media hotline society we are swarming in..

this is why i choose to lay low, have unfollowed half of my face book “friends” and blocked a dozen or so more, stopped apologizing for declining invitations for things that im allowed to say no to for my own personal self care reasons..i limit the amount of access i let in and let out and i certainly don’t judge my worth based on the social media numbers that in reality don’t mean a fucking thing..

for the first time in forever, i feel infinite and magical, even special for all for the right reasons of my own beautiful healthy self..i don’t look externally for my own happiness or seek others to fluff the ruffles i think are ridicules to have to wear.. i stopped crippling myself with beliefs that are meant to strangle your spirit and instead am living more of a care free life outside the lines every one else can color in..i am spiritually liberated and i feel GREAT <3 peace love faith hope





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