My true Father’s Day..

I don’t celebrate fathers day anymore after a couple of years ago my dad chose to have a relationship with my ex husband over choosing to keep me as his daughter..that’s the way this cookie crumbled, forcing me to make him choose a side that altered and effected the outcome for the rest of our lives..

it was in that moment that I wasn’t chosen that I realized I had to officially begin to mourn the loss of my living father who metaphorically died that day as my dad….ive been horribly criticized and ostracized for apparently abandoning my “parents”, even though it was they who didn’t choose me in end..their story will always continue to still makes them the victim..

you see, you get to a place in your abuse where you really don’t care anymore, because the oncoming inflicted pain is so calloused to that area that it doesn’t have the same effect any wasn’t until the moment they used my older daughter as a weapon for mass destruction did that pain strike a new nerve that seriously awakening my mama bear instead..who knew!

you can mess with me all you want, but the minute you fuck with my children sparks a whole new level of bear they were not ever prepared for..

I lost my shit that day, rightfully so after years and years of sucking it up and hearing the minimizing stench of dismissiveness, there is a brutal truth of mean spirited narcissistic parental abuse that I no longer wanted to subscribe too and enable from these adopted so called they were stooping to levels of using my children as a tactical ploy..

this is why I no longer celebrate days designed and assigned to the role of a parent..I finally learned this important and valuable lesson I spent years failing and begging for that in the end left me rejected as their daughter! Peace love faith hope❤️❤️❤️