when you trade your fear up to FEARLESS..

have you ever had one of those relationships ( physically, spiritually, emotionally) with something, someone or yourself that you hold onto for dear life, even though you known in the deepest parts of your brain and soul that the only reason why you remain clutching on to it, is out of the stubborn fear of letting it go regardless of all the stress it happens to creates..

sometimes, not all the time, we tend to maintain these connections (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) out of rigidness from the fear we receive in the belief of potentially missing out on something if we let it go..you can even take it even a step farther and attach the idea of someone other than you doing it better, making you all sorts of crazy..

its the WHAT IF I WAS RIGHT and TOLD YOU SO fixation we hold on too specializing is our self absorption..there is a underdeveloped mechanism in our psyche connecting the three dimensions of self that prevents us from being able to naturally detach from things that are no longer attached to us that we some how reluctantly hold on too trying to squeeze life into it..

we imagine with a hypothetical notion that if things where to change because of our determined nature and  for it to magically work out (against all odds) it would all be different, yet here you still be..we put so much hope and energy and time into empty watering holes with strong expectations of a different outcome getting the same result that leaves us pissed and mystified every single time..

lets say for just for shits and giggles that your “soul mate” did show up, but wasn’t as esthetically accurate, specific or affluent as you imagined you were entitled for it to be..so you end up dismissing it and move onto someone that your insistent is the real deal, even though you feel no connection at all..you manage to create a false ideology of someone who is only “your” replica and expect your partner to somehow accomplish this task at hand..

lets say that your dream job appeared out of now where inconveniently or that your life long dream of doing something was now readily available for you to pursue..the glitch is this would actually require of you to have to change and put forth some hard work, time, effort and money which you cant be bothered to do..being at the top of your miserable game already, you decide its too beneath you, seeing the opportunity as an insult instead..

what if getting fired from your position was an actual blessing, but instead you choose to internalized this specific action and file it as a failure that lead you down a path of hardship instead..what if the reason the firing happen was because out there was a greater potential for you somewhere else, yet you decided somewhere else was self loath instead because fear breads all sorts of negative thoughts..

failure is impetrative to our growth as individuals and human beings allowing us to successfully navigate life, learning about what clicks and makes us tick, and what doesn’t..this is crucial and apart of our natural cycle and evolution on this planet..sometimes failure offers us more incentives and gifts than we are accustom to receive and believe, clearing a path that would otherwise end up possibly destroying you..

how many times do you continue to be apart of something feeling and thinking all along that you don’t belong there being authentically so untrue to yourself..you remain put out of habit, excuses, guilt, shame, social status essentially for all the reasons that feed your lower self making you toxic to the possibility of an extraordinary life..you are in fact, your own worst enemy and problem..

imagine a physical wound that you consciously keep reinjuring over and over again that becomes infected and accumulates all sorts of nasty shit that begins to spread and take on a life form all on its own..essentially, this is what transpires inside to our fear based spirit that stressfully circulates around the entire body causing diseases and effecting every thing else you begin to touch and experience externally..

these experiences massively effects the majority of our outcomes in ways that prohibit us from being able to accelerate and grow into healthier possibilities..we begin to choose safely and conditionally with facts and figures that are outdated and rendered useless as we mechanically move through situations that we are completely inflexible with..this a clear indicator that your over all sense of self is completely out of whack..

you are hindering your own experiences by the energy you bring in and the energy you expel out when being set in your way is the driving force behind it..most times we really don’t know anything at all, which is why life can be so incredibly exhilarating, shifting your fear into FEARLESS, allowing you to take the most life changing extraordinary chances only to see where it spits you out..peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3