a guided meditation that takes you on a journey to let some shit go <3 enjoy

take in a breath, deep through the depths of your chest digging down into the center of your body pulling the air from the outside in..fill out the cage that holds your life and lungs expanding its life force throughout and imagine in your mind the energetic connections your are making by each inhalation that you take in..

create an image of tree roots coming out from your feet that act as a grounding and planting tool that holds you into the earth steadily while you begin your journey to letting some crucial shit go..do this deep breathing a few times in a row or till you are at a place you naturally begin sinking deeper and deeper into the calming feeling of your oxygenated breath and body feeling rooted and free..

imagine while your breathing that your eyes are beginning to relax softly enough to either naturally close on their own, or to soften enough to gaze into a place that allows you to daydream or activate your 3rd eyes imagination..it will be in this breath and serene state that we will call upon our higher selves and our guardian angels to guide and protect us in doing some easy inner work of letting shit go..let us begin..

each of us carry around our own personal luggage and handed down baggage of others (even if is designer) most of it troubling, heavy and weighing down our natural ability to be flexible and forgiving..by being able to identify this baggage of things and who it essentially belongs too in the breaths that you take, begins a process of breathing out its energetic ties that has connected you to its lower vibrating energy you no longer need to carry..

be here in this moment as painful or as difficult as it is and describe its outer physical layer in your minds eye..you are already protected and have built a non attached connection in this journey that allows you to identify and see the details of this imaginary case that you have managed to house most of your fears, insecurities and stories in..notice your breath and how you begin to feel..

I ask of you if possible to just notice the exterior of your luggage and all its past, present and future negative energy that cause you stress..what does it look like to you in its physical appearance, noticing its shapes, color and texture and any other details that stand out..how does this alone make you feel and has it changed the way you are breathing at this moment reminding your self to come back to your breath and with each healing inhalation letting that shit go..

if  you are maintaining this calm even flowing beautiful breath that you have been working on, relax and imagine if you can being able to see the contents of your luggage from a minds eye distance making you simply an observer having no emotional attachment to this exercise..if your breath is maintained at an even flow I ask that you examine the articles inside and notice how you begin to feel as you do so..remember, you are not recreating or reliving an experience, yet simply observing its contents from a higher perspective..

sometimes we choose to collect reminders of things that have an expired meaning and only continue to take up space while abusing its purpose and time limit..we choose to hold onto this outdated stuff for whatever reason, jamming up and overloading our spiritual, physical and mechanical bodys systems fueling our life stream with its toxins while carrying around the depths of its weight for shits and giggles that aren’t so funny after all..this is only holding you back preventing you from moving forward and its time to release its hold as you slowly let that shit go.. 

what are the inner feelings that arise in your meditation, and do they remain connected in the same pattern and way to the experience of the contents that they once had..by asking yourself these questions you can begin to decide if you wish to examine the baggage at a closer look seeing the details in a better light because you are only an observer at this time..guilt, shame, and anger has a way of tying us nicely to a neat and tender experience that can maintain its abuse over and over again conveniently..

by being an observer to this experience we have the ability to see these things from a higher perspective that allows us to properly begin to heal by allowing ourselves to become unattached to the experience of the stuff that we chose to keep..if your breath is still flowing in a calm and serine way, I ask that you remove an item that is no longer serving its purpose from your luggage and send it up and away thanking it for its experience and lesson..

these burdens are not yours to carry around for a life sentence, especially if they were not yours to endure and keep only coming to serve as a lesson or experience..give yourself permission to forgive and to no longer beat yourself up over something that is done and past for this is the most intimate personal work you can do as you breath yourself through it..when you are ready, you can move away from your luggage and gently remove any cords that you can see as you begin to return back to your normal state of mind..

on an exhale, imagine the air you release holding all the toxins that you have been carrying around evaporating its way out of you as you cleanse your mind body as spirit and let that shit go..when we can begin to see our heartaches, mistakes and burdens from a very different view, we are able to collect and retrieve our sacred selves out from its shackles of control, fear and manipulation..

take your last guided breath in, deep into the chambers you have just cleared and imagine a beautiful pink light moving inside working to restore the love and compassion you have given yourself on this journey..imagine as you exhale that you are healing the inside out surrounded by a green healing lighted energy that washes over your physical body working to clear all the debris that has left your body closing the gateway that once aloud it to penetrate..

take a moment and come back to the now, fresher and lighter than when you went into this guided meditation..imagine a huge comb through of white lighted energy purifying and cleansing this sacred moment from the top of your head outlining your entire body to the feet down..my the source and all its beauty be amplified and healing for you today and always..peace love faith hope <3