COOL CHICK style trend for mercury retrograde..

what is mercury  retrograde, and why does is make us act “bat shit crazy”.. there are 3 periods of time every year when mercury goes retrograde, meaning that the planets normal direction stops and then shift into a backward motion temporarily leaving you to feel off kilter and like everything you do is being undone..

during this phase, it is not a good idea in moving forward with ventures of any such, since the energetic flow that naturally progresses forward is now going backwards instead making it nearly impossible for things to happen smoothly and without extreme force..

some people who are sensitive to this type of energetic behavior are sensitive to it and feel like they are becoming undone in facets of their life, creating more havoc than normal under the planetary circumstances..this past retrograde I actually felt sideways at times, feeling a pull I don’t normally feel and surrendered to the momentary discomfort of mercury retrograde..

grounding yourself during this time is imperative for your overall success..there are proper things you can do to make this transition easier on your mind body and spirit, outside of the known normal of not signing any contracts, buying new items, making any legal promise, opening any new businesses, changing or imply new ideas for immediate happenings..

my beloved friend Karen, who is a local talented jewelry artist made up some MYSTICAL MERCURY RETROGRADE BRACELETS to help ease the effects of this planetary flow while LOOKING STYLISH, using specific crystals beads for their properties and this special time period..our next retrograde is set for march 22-april 15, July 25 – august 18, November 16-december 6 2018..

they are beautifully handcrafted with love, purpose and the pure intention of utilizing the benefits of the crystal kingdom to better serve you during this times..each one is created with its own unique pattern and no 2 are exactly alike..each bracelet sells for $30.00 and can be found by contacting me at or by stopping into my work..these are the last 4 that I currently have..