our hanukia became my crystal focus for today


crystals lately have become some sort of organic muse for me in guiding my spirit with collaborating thoughts and illuminating purpose..most of you probably could care less and are so tired of my blogs about these earths magnificent gems, however there is real vibrational energy medicine attached to these crystals and the mineral kingdom..

just think about quartz in general and all the scientific, technological benefits that have evolved alone just from the benefits of silicon dioxide and then tell me there is no real vibration, power or energy in that..i know, it just sounds so woo woo that it is hard for people to really see the healing medicinal value of the mineral kingdom thinking that they are only just rocks stones and crystals yet that is where you are wrong..

our hanukia became my crystal focus for today as I began to place the selenite as acting candles, the scepter Tibet quartz as its twinkle of lights, and most beautiful citrine as the main shamesh of light radiating warmth love and light throughout our entire kingdom..for a moments pause, I was in a state of complete and utter peace bringing them both together harmoniously..

the selenite represents our ability to “clean” and remove unwanted energies that are no longer viable and useful in our space (physical and metaphorical)..it is a natural purifier while detoxifying your surrounding naturally erasing the ick and energetic stench that can otherwise make you ‘feel”sick..it abundant and beautiful and the added bonus to this majestic beauty is that it offers you a higher conscious of self and the connection to your loved ones that are crossed, your spirit guides and the divine angelic realm..

the scepter Tibet quartz is the light that reminds us of our true selves..we sometimes forget to be loyal to our heart and gut in order to make every body around us happy while denying our most intimate truth..these crystals are used to help align us with our true path while energetically providing us with courage and the protection we need as we face resistance..it is considered a holy, enlightened vibration coming from one of the most sacred places on earth.. this is why I chose these to be its flames..

for the shemash flame I chose the citrine, offering us the power and energy of the sun radiating an entire planet with its metaphysical properties of comfort and warmth..its divine frequency is to awaken the soul, stir the mind, and infuse you with the energetic harmony of creating life, embarking on new beginnings while finding joy and happiness in your everyday life..it offers you a chance to turn your dreams and imaginations into something abundantly tangible..it is a natural stone of good fortune and prosperity..

may my wish for you all this holiday season be translated through my muse of stones offering you threads and vibrations of healing energy that uplifts and heightens your every day conscious living..may you all be surrounded by the warmth of this light offering you the unlimited access to inner peace prosperity and abundance for all..peace love faith hope <3