there is no shame in not knowing your game until your mid way though your first season..


I scheduled my first volunteer crystal healing session for this up coming week and I have been powering my brain with all sorts of useless chatter in the meantime..i swear, its either going to psych me out royally or push me to the brink of my greatest fear and offer me my wings for making it to the edge of its flight and freedom..

for most of you reading this, im pretty sure you have no clue or care about what im talking about and that’s ok..I can assure you however that there is a relation somewhere to something that you want so badly to do and fear keeps somehow stepping on your toes or getting in your way, limiting your courage while preventing you from succeeding..

I can come up with 100 reasons why maybe I shouldn’t do this and have only one pure good honest reason of why not..i continue to forge my way forward in this most utterly uncomfortable place of insecurity because I know regardless, the outcome is so much greater and vibrant than the risk of failure I feel temporarily emotionally inside of me right now..

have you ever been so afraid to shine that you remain in the shadows of comfort and  seclusion purposefully to not be found..have you ever been so afraid to take your wisdom and knowledge to the next level of possibility that you dumb yourself down instead so the outer world wont ever see your true potential and capability..i have been a great offender in that category hiding behind here as my shield..

yea, ive been riding shotgun in that lane now for way over 40 years with angst and doubt as my driver, and its time to pull that shit over and finally get out..i would rather hitchhike my way to success than continuing being trapped on a wheel going no where prohibiting me from the potential of which I have yet to grow..

I remember doing my first manicure 20 years ago, and the nerves that took a hold of me that first day..thankfully it was a friend of my mothers at the time, and she had the patience of a 30 minute manicure took about an hour and a half and even though I knew technically what I was doing I felt insecure and had to fake it all the way through it until I got my groove going months later..

there is no shame in not knowing your game until your mid way though your first is usually arrogance that will end up modifying and altering your future, ungrounding you from its ultimate purpose..being humble allows you to flow in your knowledge of uncertainty while finding its earth to plant and root yourself into so you can evolve from the ground up..

im not afraid or humiliated to admit that I haven’t a fucking clue what im doing, nor pretend to know it all..i have never physically done a crystal healing before out side my husband and haven’t any clue or idea what im in matter how many crystal healing day dreams I have imagined and pretended to participate in, I have no idea at the end what it will look like when I begin to open the space for this healing adventure im blindly traveling in..

you are simply just requiring to show up and if you can do that you are further along than what others deem imaginable..most people cant even get past the day dream and continue to live from the depths of their fear not ever really pursuing their life while driving decades in the wrong lane..

so heres to courage (\_/* cheers) and the real ability to move out of your own way to let the light and the fruit of you labor the opportunity to be seen..may you all find the strength needed to get to the absolute authentic vulnerable place of being uncomfortable for its not for nothing when you can find the beauty in the true cultivation of your purpose..peace love faith hope ❤



Published by MagicalMaven

I am over the age of 50, married and a mother to two daughters in their 20's. I am an adoptee, surviver of parental and martial narcissistic abuse, have been divorced twice and am now married over 10 years to my husband who I had a soulful connection with back when I was 21 years old. I am a double Certified Crystal Healer (hibiscus moon and Ashly leavy), a Reiki 3 Master, Tarot Reader and have been a working manicurist for the last 23 years..

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