some of the greatest masterpieces have come directly from the most excruciating pain


img_5797haven’t been in a very creative mood lately which has taken me to step back on finishing up the last of my assignments for my hibiscus moon crystal healing certification course I started in September (I have 1 year to complete)..don’t you hate when that happens..

my though process was that I didn’t want to create and produce energetic work from the emotional standpoint that I am currently in, dealing with some very unresolved personal I thought I would do my future self a favor and temporary step back not realizing in hindsight how ridiculously stupid that actually was..

you see, its been 3 weeks now finding myself neither here nor there with my homework assignments in limbo..i keep waiting for the right time to initiate good healing material asking myself if its ever the right time at all..

each morning I looked at the branch my husband choose for my assignment after our walk in the woods to find it, laying with my crystals, thinking about wanting to transform it into magic finding it hard to separate these personal feelings and the energy used in this work with the thoughts of wanting to shove the stick up someones @$$ instead..anyways

my husband advised me to go see our healer and so this past Monday I went (we all need healing after all)..after sharing my thoughts about everything that is going on and the whole idea of not wanting to pollute my tool, she interjected her wisdom and gave me an alternative direction to see it from..sometimes we MUST get out of our own way in order to stay on track while pouring our blood sweat and tears into our work of art..

she reminded me that some of the greatest masterpieces have come directly from the most excruciating pain, as much as I intended on saving everyone from my own energetic heart ache..i began to really think about that sentence while she began to work on me..i could feel the pulling and yanking without her ever touching my body the negative energy that was stuck trapped in my gut that she managed to release from my body..

we spend so much time being martyrs when I think about it, trying to protect someone else from what we ourselves perceive as pain and hurt..we end up choosing and deciding for another a metaphorical shield that we know worked for us, regardless of what is needed to work for them out of our own ego..looking back i created some of my greatest blogs from my most excruciating pain, why wouldn’t I create a tool from the same caliber of powerful energetic emotion..

so the other day I decided introduced myself to this stick, because I love trees and their my friends..i begin crafting with love from my heart and the purity of my soul the beginning of what will become a magical staff, listening to music that holds space for me to cry..

i listened to my crystals around the house that wanted to be apart of this bigger project and began to fasten them with my adoring glue gun..there is sacred bliss when I am alive in this element and realized at that moment I should have never stepped away in the first place..that is the wisdom that I learned..

energetic healing to me is about the act and ritual of releasing something that is negatively powerful that’s taking up nothing but space, and filling you instead with disease that puts you out of I wrapped the leather around the staff and crystal, I began my own healing process as well by taking the time to really feel my pain so I could begin to heal..

I think most people really don’t understand the genuine authentic value in healing, not medicating, but REAL can not require a balanced relationship with yourself or anybody else if you are still holding onto material that is expired and dated, yet still alive and active in your ego..

you are the only one being assaulted by your own toxic energetic warfare in the end..that is a harden fact, and if you don’t believe me take a good look into the mirror..once you find your method in healing, the world as a whole becomes a much kinder place to be..peace love faith hope <3