this Scorpio season is all about stripping you down to the nitty gritty and getting REAL


this right now, is my most favorite time of the year..its when my beloved sign of Scorpio has comes into its full majestic season and when the energetic veil between us and the spirit world begins to thin every so elegantly for a small period of time..right now, we have an opportunity available for us, if wanted, to feel and connect with our loved ones more so now than ever in this specific time of season..this cosmic Scorpio effect will help offer you to shed your layers exposing the raw truth leaving it up to you to decide how deep you wish to go..

this Scorpio season is all about stripping you down to the nitty gritty and getting REAL in the most truth be told authentic way..its about discovering the deepest aspects of our selves and using its powerful energy to bring light to the darkest parts of our don’t have to be a Scorpio to do the work of a Scorpio because the energetic alliance that is shifting into this constellation is theoretically enough for the cosmic shift to naturally happen on its own, it only asks of you to be willing to emotionally travel deep..

meaning, that things will naturally happen this time of season that might have you having to question things that are no longer making sense..maybe things seem a bit off, as they should be, because in nature if you look outside, is starting to drastically change for the next season and right now what you are witnessing in nature, you might possibly be confronted with in your physically every day life..maybe for some its on a small minuet scale and for others it will be presented like the rug was just ripped out from underneath them..

this is the time to finish up old projects that don’t get your physical attention yet carry your emotional stress and decide to let them go..its about ending stale relationships that are no longer viable and a waist of your precious time while creating room for new aspects to have space to grow in..its time to really let go of beliefs that are destroying your higher self, and take a deeper cold hard look at your life and see what can be purged that is taking space and what needs to be saved because its provides you with nourishment..

life is preparing you for its cold long winter months and nature will automatically shift into it whether your prepared or not..this specific period where the days are becoming shorter and darker, eerier as nature sheds its self for its upcoming departure to its instinctual survival..there is so much beauty in it for me to watch my beloved trees change so majestically beautiful, before the elements strip it bare before our eyes so naturally unapologetically..this is the majestic force of the Scorpio..

this time of year always seems to hit me in a place buried deep within, that begins to unravel emotions and beliefs requiring of me to only to go deep and be present..i think this time of year transports my spirit back to a place that forces me to sit within and do some more inner work before the long winter months arrive, that are meant for saving resources and offering room to plant the seeds for the up and coming year..

sometimes the things that we believe to “appear” dark in our projected imagery is really something very different..sometimes its the light that is dirtied with shame, judgment and harsh attributes that you conditionally put there to avoid seeing the truth, and the darkness is easier to convince one of than the authenticity of the illuminate light..there is beauty in the season of this sign, that gets such a bad reputation..Its the one season that will hold you accountable at your rawest form and require of you to shed and transform seeing the whole entire truth before your eyes if you can tap into this beautiful Scorpio energy..

happy beloved Scorpio season,  may the deepest path taken bring you to achieve ultimate courage, validation, passion, strength, wisdom, gratitude, truth, compassion, sensitivity, loyalty, justice, intuitive knowledge, perseverance, sincerity,  determination, stamina, and a love like no other…peace love faith hope <3