Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids


img_5532-1What is A crystal grid & why are they important to create & have around.

I discovered during my certification in the crystal healing course I completed a few years ago Crystal Grids.  To be honest, I never really made the connection between the sacred geometry I have seen throughout life & the powerful grids before I learned about them in my course.  They have been around for lifetimes & used to transmit powerful energetic vibrations for precise intention with the universes comic force to elevate & benifit our evolution.  

How does it work?  When you use sacred geometry, for example the Star Of David & crystals together, you are sending out an energetic vibration & charge to the universe that will shift & match the intention of your crystal grid purpose.  So lets say you wish to attract abundance into your business, you would create a sacred geometry grid in the business space & choose crystals that support that specific energy you wish to manifest & create.  Once the grid is completed you can tune it using bells, music, clapping to activate & begin the energetic charge that goes directly up to the universe.

 I can admit that I was a tad bit skeptical at first. Lets just say the term geometry threw me off since I couldn’t even pass an algebra class, that the effects of sacred geometry seemed a little confusing.  Once I learned the science behind these ancient energy patterns & that every natural pattern of growth or movement has a base of geometric shape, I began to really understand this simple law of attraction.  It is the architecture of our universe, encompassing its energy & symbolism in everything dating back to the beginnings of time.  

I have made many in our home to act as an instrument of flow, changing the stagnant currant to that of a supercharge.  It is a simple easy tool to enhance ones surroundings personally, professionally & spiritually while acting as a conduct of charge from one output of energy to another. It is one of my favorite things outside of being a Crystal Alchemy Jeweler that I truly enjoy doing with the crystals because I can witness the effects that it brings.

There is something sacred that the ancients used with their geometry grids, whether it be in the temples, religious structors or monuments, alters, pyramids & such that have a larger higher consciousness understanding now a days.  I believe there is something truly special about these pattens & when you apply crystals it even more magical.