you always have a choice once you realize with clarity your repetitive behavior…

repeat after me, as many times as it takes to fully absorb the meaning and understanding of “you can not have a different set of results when you repeat the same pattern over and over again”..its not even scientifically possible and to break it down even further, its simple common sense that is derived by the antagonistic ego that will tire you out time and time again creating of you to be a habitual offender instead..

I suffer like every body else at times (because im human and a work in progress) with shitty results from patterned behavior expecting miracles where they were rightfully not deserved from lazy behavior and the lack of desire to change things up out of fear..i see it all the time in my profession at the table talking with people about life, feelings, emotions, behavior, relationships, going about situations from the same angle and diagram with hopes of different expectations , that only lead to frustration and disappointment..

I think a lot of people create and then end up carrying an overload of resentment burdening them while destroying pathways that could have been easily navigated or salvaged if they would have just switched things up..i had parents, who at one time behaved in the same toxic manner breeding patterns of dysfunction out of their own inability to adapt and change, even though it was abusive and extremely hurtful to me personally as their child..

you always have a choice once you realize with clarity your repetitive behavior that continues to assure you results that no longer fit you, slowly destroying your cannot just change the metaphorical vocabulary to suit you in hopes of a different outcomes to simply for a lack of better words to shut someone up while taking no action to further demonstrate the wanted or desired change..

example, lets say for instant, your looking to make some personal self decide to finally go get that gym membership making the commitment, yet fail to actually show up for the workout..instead, the excuse is that the couch and potato chips are better suited for your miserable self esteem and the gym serves as a reminder of how much you have let yourself becomes too much work for you to do but out of resentment and shame you do the bare minimum hoping for outrageous results and then blaming the gym as the failure..

the problem with this pattern system is that it is probably the go to scenario in the overall dynamics of this want so badly to change something but your mentality is to run the hamster wheel around and around and around not getting you anywhere but tricking you into feeling exhausted like you have and then pissed when you discover you never moved an inch..your the idiot in the end not the wheel..

I learned to reprogram myself with healthy patterns and slowly removed blocks that were once there to derail me from a higher institution of required of me to show up when I didn’t want too, and find a way to rediagram the way I once believed so I could change the outcome with healthier results and better experiences..

you must always be accountable for your participation and behavior if you want to see actual results for changing circumstances to better yourself in future endeavors..there is nothing worse than the mentality of thinking that by repeating the same mistakes you will receive a different outcome..just change one thing a day and eventually your whole perception and outlook will match and correlate to your desired experience..peace love faith hope <3