ignorance is a choice that still qualifies you as being wrong



ive been criticized in the past for expressing and airing so much of my so call “dirty laundry” publically, exposing the outers and inner layers of my own personal truth offsetting some history that was conveniently rewritten..some may say my tactics and extreme behavior have been insensitive to those, yet I would like to think that by taking the high road out and I do mean OUT, i have been rather polite and generous given the on going set of circumstances..

I believe part of the reason why I finally have my shit together is that I am able to be open about deep dark shit that isn’t that deep at all and realized its a lot of surface ego crap..i discover that the dark secrets I was afraid of aren’t that dark at all and most people have a story of their own when you bring it to the surface of light..everything in the darkness appears to be super monstrous and mysterious giving your mind the ability to play some unnecessary tricks with you, creating more fear in the mental dungeon..

we are raised with a code of ethics and morals that we are instructed to behave with, until of course it exposes the darker side of the shadow self..i have discovered that for many, honesty becomes seemingly impossible out of pain and quickly becomes covered with darkness, lies and secrets instead camouflaging the whole story for the benefit of others.. in the end, the he said she said projection is implemented creating a divide in what is really a truth anyways..

emotional pain in my opinion (and im not a professional) has threaded roots in most angry, negative, and or evil people..sometimes it can make even the seemingly nicest person when provoked lash out in unexpected ways..its like opening the doorway of silent rage to come out being an outlet to the storage locker of carried  burdens, exposing their darkened ugly truth disguised in whatever shade they want it to look like..shit take a look around in this day in age its conveniently everywhere..

historically, we have see this kind of behavior protruding outward and even now more so unapologetically and disturbing enough because we haven’t began to touch the surface of it unscripted truth and convenient set of lies..i read an article the other day about white privilege, and could sympathize and empathize with the writer of the article and its content with hard fact truths that some people cant admit,  being that I live in a Christian privilege country as a jew..

sometimes, people go along with the crowd to blend in so they are not being identified with having a difference of an opinion even when they know intellectually its wrong, untrue and most definitely not fair..i have learned its more than ok to speak up about things that are not ok to be silent about, even when I am speaking alone while others give there back..

make sure you fact check your information with reliable sources before you internalize anything as a truth..ignorance is a choice that still qualifies you as being wrong when you end up believing in legitimist comfortable lies..stupidity has become a social disease that gets handed down from people to people, generation to generation, generating a false sense of reality in a world of abundant eclecticness..

learn to speak your truth in a way that heals you from your darkened room while offering you a way to radiate your self in a healthy positive is in the pure essence of your light that has more to give as an alternative than anything ever consumed in the fear of darkness..peace love faith hope <3









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