It’s like I rehabbed from people


would you continue to choose to spend your time with the people that you do, if you knew that you were limited on how much time you actually had available to spend..roll that around in your brain for a moment and really think about it in a cognizant way that allows you to see the value and truth behind what I ask..

lately, I have found myself more apt to be socially physically reclusive and distance naturally, without really thinking about having to pull away, unconsciously out of the way of others..its like i rehabbed from people having a sobering moment of friendship clarity and unintentionally spent more time alone with my husband and daughter, forming more intimate bonds this summer when I think about it in the most unforced natural way..this personally for me was an oprah aha moment of recognition..

when I think about it,  since I have done the reiki 1 course, and moved homes, I am more aware of the energetic state around me and the need for healing and cleansing, along with building a deeper connection and meaning within my own roots and foundation..i have limited my space while I have been under construction navigating the transformation that has been happening all around and within me..

its lead me to be less inclined to not blog all the time, taking more of my time with the messages that I receive while not feeling the need to produce outwardly and really sit with them instead..i have realized that just because I discovered I can channel doesn’t mean I need to do it all the time, taking away from all the other beautiful essences of life that surround me..

I think sometimes we surround ourselves with people in a quantity way that lacks the stamina and quality that we seek to fill the emptiness within the superficial gaps in our time..sometimes we are avoiding lifes grown up shit out of fear, and decorating it with circumstances that lead to you having an emotional and friendship hangovers leaving you feeling more like shit and an asshole of a person than if you soloed it and stayed home..

I began to stop sharing my greatness with unworthy people and giving it more to the ones I believe who can see it, and embrace all the kookie, eclectic, what have yous that I am..i realize i am a lot for a lot of people and that its impossible to be ever bodies cup of tea when truthfully im actually a strong rich fabulous brew of coffee..

ive decided to reach outside the box and look to make a go at something I have been rolling around in my conscious for a while, now trying to find the right fit to take a leap of raw fun with..i have an upcoming class in 2 weeks that I have been anticipating for months now and am so fucking excited to do this more serious course in crystal healing course that will take me to newer horizons that I have been manifesting and anticipating..

make your time valuable, with those who honor all the ness in your being..make sure you aren’t hung over all the time with people you unknowingly share your space and heart with, balancing the flow that essentially is your life line in this journey..surround yourself with like minded souls who complement your authenticness elevating you instead of retracting your growth as a human..

use your time wisely and with sustenance, because one day you will realize you spent too much on something that was draining the shit out of you leaving you running on the fumes of an empty tank..don’t be afraid to pull your body away to save your spirit..sometimes our soul knows more than the mind saving you from the potential hazard our ego feeds off of..take a moment to deeply REALIZE YOUR WORTH, YOUR GREATNESS before you decide to waist more energy on an outlet that your cant plug into..peace love faith hope..



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