ugh wheres my broom when i need it..<3


ive been a little thirsty lately, but not thirsty for a common practice of liquid nourishment, yet thirsty for more knowledge and understanding thats twinkled with a little bit of personal spiritual growth..lets face it, im a junkie looking to expand my horizon of awareness while consuming more and more information that allows me to cultivate a broader spectrum of insight..

my husband would say that i have way too much information and not enough action to pour out all this wisdom and knowledge i have empowered myself trying to slowly figure out what to do with it and how it can be most helpful to those who seek my advice and how i can help aid in their healthy healing process..

im not necessarily afraid of my potential, even though i can follow it with a few excuses as to why i hold back..i think im just coherently spiritually lazy right now and uninspired by all the jackholes of people who walk around out there in this world lately..there i said it, that’s my problem, im too judgie right now..i have no patience for ignorance or those who are victims of their own demise..

i was at work today, and was talking to someone who just ended their second marriage and was now convinced, no, cemented in the idea that they wouldn’t ever love again..ok, good luck with that mentality and let me know how incredibly happy you are in that spell work of words you just cursed over your your really going to need a witch to undo that magic you just conjured up all over yourself..ugh wheres my broom when i need it..

damnit, i wish i could have saged her stupid ass and brought her to a mirror and forced her to watch the words she had just spoken to me to show her how ignorant they really are..socially i think society has created such a stigma and number associated with LOVE and how many we are aloud (what ev), that it has dis eased us into a faulty belief system of absolute bullocks of what love truly is..

the last i checked, which was yesterday after i worked my ass out to sweat and tears, that love was ABUNDANTLY lucky that i am to have realized that there is no cap off to limited funding of love or seriously we would all be screwed..why do people, good people, limit their belief and then begin to believe the stupidity of their own words creating a shitty reality..

after i shoved some of my marcisms in her face she asked me how i got to be so strong..we didn’t have enough time to cover the last 47 years of my making but it got me to think..when something is fragile and weak, what are we supposed to be inclined to do………….NOURSIH it would be the correct answer..when you nourish and nurse something back to health you are creating strength in the meantime building it back up to what it was originally and more..

so i have spent the latter years of my life creating strength emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually by nourishing myself to a different kind of wholeness to which i i cry when my feelings are hurt, i sure the fuck do and it isn’t a pretty sight at all and i look horrible when i do esthetically, but im very capably of letting it out when im ready..

does that mean that i am taking a downward spiral because of it, no not at all, it simply means im honoring my feelings and moving through them consciously and compassionately with myself..i have a powerhouse of strength that could metaphorically move mountains because i have used my experiences to my advantage turning it into a muscle, by the way, when flexed with knock you out..just sayen..

i begin my second crystal healing course in less than a month, and have decided to take the reiki 2 training to further me along this beautiful abundant process..where i am going with it in a physical location kinda way, i still have no idea, but i know there is a dire need and calling for someone like me outside the walls of simply being a manicurist..peace love faith hope <3



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I have always had a strong desire & affiliation with connecting to people due to my being adopted. My own personal life experiences over the last 50 plus years ended up heightening the strong sense of compassion and non judgement I have towards people in general & especially those who are suffering. This wisdom alone has made me a better professional & listener over the last 25 years in a "hands on" industry that inspired me to further my education to become a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Trained Reiki 3 master & Certified Crystal Healer.

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