I feel spiritually different having had now all the hands upon me energetically restoring what was once lost to be now found..



CRAZY FLIPPEN WOWZA stuff just happened after an unbelievable extraordinary life long dream reunion week I just had with my aunt jody from my biological mothers side of the family..i have been trying to wait for my magical dust to settle down inside my heart (which isnt happening) in order for me to be able to write and share the rest of my reunion story (snort snort).. so im here anyways and will future blog about this entire experience at a later time..

ever since I can remember I have been curious and inquisitive about who I am and where I came from, naturally so as an adoptee..i have been looking at these features of mine for many many years imagining all the people who I could possibly look like, while wondering if someone somewhere was in return looking at theirs thinking of me, the illegitimate child that was left behind..did they ever remember that I was out there somewhere??(deep painful chocking sighs)

I have always had the question of was there someone out there looking for me like I was searching for them, belonging to a tribe I knew in my heart existed beyond the exterior disposed beliefs of why I was given up for adoption..i always knew in the core of my being that I was created out of love, even if the truth was that I was purposely given away and abandoned..I know first hand mentally, physically, spiritual and universally that my divine authentic love always wins..

Intuitionally, the seed from which I grew was always and continues to be surrounded with an infinite and unexplained abundance..i have been validated more so than I ever imagined or could have dreamed upon by taking this journey backwards in finding myself through the discovery of my biology in others..who would have ever thought that these two beautiful woman would be more like me than not, giving me the space to finally belong somewhere authentic..

2 woman selflessly stepped up for ME and came forward in honor of their siblings, my biological parents, to nourish a space inside my overall being, changing the elements of space and time within to finally be at peace..when I tell you I have been emotionally and mentally healed on levels I cant even begin to explain that I feel spiritually different having had now all the hands upon me energetically restoring what was once lost to be now found..

there is something so magical to be said about blood, DNA, genetics, traits, and tribal soulful connections..it was a truer miracle that both of my aunts from different sides of the family spoke and understood my language and are as kookie me..im still in awe over this entire experience and am still flying from the overall outcome..when i come back down  for air i will share this most beautiful intimate happening..

until then..may the path you continue to travel spread the love and joy that you feel allowing life’s precious abundant magical mysteries an opportunity to unfold before you..to be continued…peace love faith hope