..im about to once again meet my very flesh and blood on my mothers side this time


1469934_10151798555833721_258699729_nimagine if you will for a moment being adopted and having the opportunity to physically meet your biological kin, the DNA component and the essential link to your undisclosed heritage..think about that for a deep hearted moment while rolling that around your heart center and feeling the emotional charge that is happening within your body because of it..

a couple years ago, I had the extreme gift of being able to meet my biological fathers sister Monica (my aunt) and her husband dale (my uncle), who made this specific journey to close the circle of where jack and I had fallen short before his tragic death..i had spent an entire week learning the ins and outs of this beautiful family that came to physically meet me for the first time on my birthday..it was the most natural loving encounter for 2 complete adult strangers that are blood related that I have ever come to experience..

this was the closest I was ever going to come to meeting and feeling my father in way that offered me closure I desperately needed and she accomplished this for me..this woman Monica, my aunt, did something for me and too me that was the most selfless act of humanity and heart centered love that i will forever be humble and grateful for..she is a most precious beautiful soul that I deeply feel connected too despite the distance between us with abundant love like a sister, mother, aunt, and friend..i am truly blessed

today, embarks another journey of self that I had decided to take some years ago when I reached out blindly to my biological mothers sister on linked in asking her if she had a sister named chris..after my fathers death, I was paralyzed with fear that this discovery of self was tragically over and I was devastated inside..after watching something on adoption and the reunion of a mother and daughter, I decided to seek out the aunt I knew was out there..

after some back and forth questions of identity the veil came down and together we embraced the journey of reunion making the circle of my biological mothers side feel complete..for over a few years now we have been in touch and on face time making the gap between us seem a bit smaller but today that is about to change it all..Jody (my aunt) is getting on a plane this afternoon to meet me and my family for the very first time and spending a week in michigan making the journey that her sister my biological mother was never able to make..im about to once again meet my very flesh and blood on my mothers side this time..

sometimes bravery looks very different when in the form of mental and emotional aspects for there is no parachute, or weapon of protection and no safety net..you are completely open to the absolute vulnerability of someone else who is essentially a stranger and the blind experience you are about to encounter..today marks another brave blind experience we are both about to join in by coming together and meeting for the very first time in the flesh and blood..peace love faith hope

love always wins….to be continued