we have never really learned the real value of being uncomfortable enough to really want to change


our emotions can make us really sick sometimes, more so than we have ever give credit for..sick enough to physically change and alter the cellular movement in our body creating disease and illness from our mental and emotional thoughts alone..who ever said you needed someone to sneeze and put germs all over you to really contaminate you..the mind alone can be the most infectious disease assaulting your body mind and spirit in ways you are extremely unaware of..

sometimes we don’t feel good physically because we are swimming in thoughts and feelings that are generating high amounts of pollutants that are causing havoc to the body that are oblivious to the western understanding..instead we use antibiotics and medications that don’t really work making matters worse because its become easier to pop a pill than it is to truly examine our life as a whole..

we have never really learned the real value of being uncomfortable enough to really want to change..shit i see people all the time taking a medication for foods that make them sick that they still continue to eat even though they feel horrible, thinking the pill is the solution and the food isnt the problem..some of those pills you take to “FIX” the problem don fix the problem at all..instead they are simply blocking apart of your brain that dismantles the signal of your suffering while fooling your body into believing something that isn’t true..trust me, I know first hand..

your healthy cell soldiers become overly drugged and are then unable to do their job in protecting the rest of your body when it has too by allowing cellular terrorists to penetrate a full on body attack ..i know I know, who am I to write this..im not a doctor or a scientist or a chemist or know the first thing about science since I couldn’t even pass the basics in high school..you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, you just have to be AWARE of your being making you a healthy advocate..

I blindly suffered the majority of my life by holding my feelings in and shutting up when it came to things I was deeply afraid to speak on..the relationships I had were personal reflections to the way I felt and believed I deserved to be treated..the results of years and years of weights on my shoulders and not being honest led me down a path of waking up one long day ago in my own personal hell..without any major cause or acute reason, my neck became severely broken (im fused from c3 to c7) and becoming uncomfortable was the only solution to my survival..

I was numb mentally from the emotional pain I had shut my self off from, and physically was in so much pain I was actually wishing to die..im not sure how I made it through each moment of anguish when I was broken and brutally hopeless..it was the dairy queen daily that either my parents or friends took me for that was my sliver of hope for a better tomorrow, and there is something to this day I still love about a soft serve sprinkle kiddy cup..for real!

I write this because I see so many people who have honest excuses about the life they choose to live and suffer tremendously from the effects of their own doings..while it is convenient to point the finger at others and hold them responsible for your own personal problems at the end of the day it is you in the coffin alone..sometimes you have to deeply feel the things that are tragic and painful in order to heal and release the damaged tissue, blood, bones, muscle on an energetic level that are suffering from the effects of these ultimate powerful emotions..

there is scientific studies on the effects of water that has been blessed verse water that has been tormented..the structure of its molecules changes based on the energy attached to the liquid radically changing its appearance from emotional trauma..as humans we are between 55 to 60 percent made up of water so imagine if you can the real effects that are happening based on the reoccurring argument you have daily in your own head..now multiply it with the effects of your environment, relationships, job, friends, food and activities that are helping you achieve this suffering state..

I have been on a path now for close to 9 years trying to achieve and alleviate the things that have caused me to suffer..i cut out alcohol, soda, diary, most meats, some specific people, habits and beliefs and established boundaries and zones that are emotionally friendly for me to navigate..i take my shit to the gym 5 days a week and get uncomfortable enough to at times purge through my sweated tears so I have a brighter better future..

i do acupuncture, go to a healer, take really good care of myself and decided to walk a path of crystal healing enlightenment to begin my journey using crystal energy to help aid others who look to heal within..it is the self care that can untangle you from the web of energetic contamination and give you a better chance at having a healthier outcome and chance when actually faced with something more serious..

so that pain in the chest that was thankfully just anxiety for you but tragic for another, is a warning sign to you to pay better attention to the physical spiritual energetic and mentally aspects of your life as a whole..peace love faith hope