our attached ego and the need for constant recognition reinforcement for doing something nice for someone else


I recently had an epiphany that lead me to a profound in depth revelation and conversation with myself after listening to a Joe Rogan podcast last week..its lead me to pay better attention while being aware of those around who relish in their good doings by blasting it all over social media with epic proportions and enjoying all the remarkable validations..i in tern had to do some inner inspections and see this behavior first hand and ask why we need to behave this way..

i have actually had this dialog long before with my healer during a kabbalah healing session about our attached ego and the need for constant recognition reinforcement for doing something nice for someone else, outside the boundaries of spreading social awareness..i too had to do some inner inspections like a spiritual self detective and see myself in this corrupted belief that at times we all subscribe too while finding the balance and meaning for being present and humble..

why do we feel the need to show our entire world, which should be otherwise natural pure generosity of the human spirit if what we are saying is true by doing it from the actual unattached goodness of our heart..why must we media mega blast ourselves and share with a look at me tendency of everything that we do out of the act of kindness? is this what it has really come too and what is that all about..if it wasn’t gonna be a social media moment, would you still be motivated to do such good, simply because its the correct thing to do?

do we do this unintentionally or possibly not, to boast ourselves to a higher platform, maybe trying to social climb the otherwise uninvited latter of social success for an invitation..is it to be noticed by people who you feel are totally unnoticed by the regular you that you are and are trying to gain attention in any manner that you can? in truth we all like to be rewarded for “good” samaritan behavior while savoring the high five for acting outstanding which otherwise is simply extending genuine human kindness..

maybe, just maybe, some maybe many feel inadequate in life in general so that when they do, do something worth bragging about they feel the need to share  it with the world..possibly underneath the exterior façade there is a tired and worn out unloved spirit depleted by life itself, miserable yet trying to stay undetected while starving, needing the validating nourishment of the outside world to feed you when your noticed for acting in a loving way..

i know, I sound like a bitch by even insinuating something so preposterous and im sure those whos buttons im pushing right now in the shallow darkness of the truth is actually touching you in a way that it hurts..you see, im the utter opposite..i extend my hand and do things that nobody would think I would do, but this persona of a reputation I have somehow been given, is a protective shield for my vulnerable side and so I allow people to see me as COLD, INTIMIDATING while flaunting my resting bitch face to derail you from wanting to get to know me..

what we don’t understand is where the real secret behind the transaction of kindness lays and its far above and beyond social media high up in the atmosphere..it is there the board of spiritual tribal counsel committee of the universe that is actually really watching you, sometimes in awe without feeling the need to applaud or clap for you..instead they are watching and rewarding the spirit within when something is done for the real and correct reasons and not for the reasons saturated and inflated by the ego..

its us as people who need a reward and teach this behavior with material items to show our approval or satisfaction..yet its the true pure enlightenment and wisdom of its knowledge that is the ultimate gain and reward when living a life that allows you to support charitable kindness without any kickbacks or payoffs for simply being a generous kind and considerate human being..peace love faith hope