I was picking up my daughter from school the other day when I realized how truly bat shit crazy some of these parents still are at the school pick up drop off line, even now at the high school level..I can comprehend the mean mommies click thingie way back in elementary school times, when the mothers would be at drop off and pick up territorially claiming “their” space in the line while having a tailgate party with their “coffee”, but come on, its 3 schools later..

its the same entitled wenchy persona that drives up 20 minutes before school gets out to claims their spot in line, shmoozes from car to car while their mortified teenagers are hiding inside waiting for the parking lot to clear out to not be humiliated in front of their peers..then because the mother had to wait so long for their kid, they feel they are entitled to become the first one out of the jammed packed parking lot trying to maneuver not giving a shit about driving rules while sounding their fucking horns as a means to move you the fuck out of their way..

what’s wrong with people and this attitude of privilege especially when you look as if you haven’t even showered for the day..just because your jeep is slightly, ok way more bad ass than mine, doesn’t make you more entitled to breath your engine up the ass of my beautiful bumper while blowing your horn at me when I CLEARLY have no where to go..and like you, you dumb fucking biatch, my kid too wants to get the fuck home..

CLEARLY she had severe parking lot road rage in front of a bunch of students who are probably learning how to drive themselves and without ever really knowing who I was, had pushed a button in me..my 15 year old daughter almost killed me with laughter when she straight up looked me in the eye and said “MOMMMIE DONT GET OUT OF THE CAR PLEASE, MOMMIE PLEASE DONT GET OUT OF THE CAR,     YOUR SMALL” as this douchebag behind me blew her horn for the umpteenth time at the entire line of cars waiting to get out..i might be small, but oh mother of god I am fucking MIGHTY..

i seriously was, for a temporary moment considering getting out, and thankfully had that split second of clarity that I snapped back and remembered where I actually was..i instead simply put my hands up in a what the fuck do you expect me to do lady kinda way and mouthed to her FUCK YOU into my side mirror as her eyes were lasering in and shooting me a kill look like its my fault the entire school got out and decided to drive..i swear I cant make this shit up..

times like these I am glad I took the high road, and not the party attached to the informative email the entire school community has to receive from the principle to say and explain that there was an altercation between two grown ass people outside the school today like there was a couple weeks ago with two female parents.. LEGIT..Namaste in the car this time, reach for my crystals and do my deep breathing while humming my ass back home because this is why I say I hate people..

drive responsible, especially around kids..drive safely and respectfully, especially when on school grounds, and drive according to the flow of school let out, even when the flow is standing still, that is your que for you to slow your roll..and lastly stop blowing your fucking horn, NOBODY CARES YOUR THERE!!! peace love faith hope







Published by MagicalMaven

I am over the age of 50, married and a mother to two daughters in their 20's. I am an adoptee, surviver of parental and martial narcissistic abuse, have been divorced twice and am now married over 10 years to my husband who I had a soulful connection with back when I was 21 years old. I am a double Certified Crystal Healer (hibiscus moon and Ashly leavy), a Reiki 3 Master, Tarot Reader and have been a working manicurist for the last 23 years..

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