the breaking of the human spirit caused by tremendous pain is one the most profound, death defying acts, the most ultimate human challenge you can face

I used to view the symptoms of pain as a really negative thing like a sign of weakness, based solely on my own personal experience with it as a kid..i relied on the shake it off approach with a suck it up mentality, but we know that as a human that it is highly impossible, right, because when your hurt, it doesn’t feel nice!

i didn’t really know any better as a kid and thought it was something we choked back on as i swallowed my tears and its terrible spike felt emotion, travelling the spinal structure of the body leaving spiritual fragments of undealt with situations to linger, fester and breed all sorts of gloomy  physical and spiritual calcifications within my body.. slowly over time these emotions lead to decaying the vitality of what went on inside of me that scientifically some can not understand that manifested in the most horrific physical way..

as an adult i can go back and pin point the catalyst to the destruction of my neck at age 39, leaving me to have c3 to c7 surgically fused together all in the same blow..i wish i had some great awesome bungee jumping story to deliver, but i don’t..what i do have though now is an understanding that all the years before of swallowing my pain, emotional spiritually and physical, took a huge toll on my body not being able to withstand or hold the weight of the world any more, i was simply broken..

the breaking of the human spirit caused by tremendous pain is one the most profound, death defying acts, the most ultimate human challenge you can sweeps you up spitting you out exactly where you need to be, stepping into the role that is needed for your ultimate survival..some don’t make it out alive while some don’t make it out with their shit together, and some like me, fight to survive even when i was hanging onto my life by a single solitary thread..

i began to go backward fixing and reprogram so i could have a stronger comeback, physically and spiritually allowing me to actually feel all the hurt that had been dormant inside of me for years upon years..i think i cried more in that time period than i ever did in my entire life because i had to finally see the truth , my broken body and my damaged spirit all in one sitting, together entwined and was the most painful process i have ever encountered and when i decided to CLEAN my life entirely!

sometimes, we are given medication and “pain killers” that alters the effect in our system creating a false sense of wellness when in truth we are not well at fakes our body mind and spirit into believing it is fixing and mending while supplying us with new side effects that need to be countered with more creates a vicious cycle that continues to camouflage root stem problems physical and emotion while creating more and more layers of pure unapologetic pain masking the truth because its quicker to take the pill than to actually change your life..

some of the most powerful pain problems stem from the chronic effects of emotional, mental stress baggage that we carry and take along our way slowly destroying the inside out of our bodies..some people are simply living in the corroded lie with a polluted self and environment being sick and medicated while not ever getting better, instead of abundantly within their truth thriving and flourishing in a healthy loving capacity..

there are so many alternative wellness healing modalities (i use acupuncture and healing) that are widespread and recommended that can help aid in your transformation while being complementary to western medicine..there are so many tools and skills that you as an average human being can acquire that help heal your heart soul mind body and spirit giving you a better place to live breath beat pulse flow restoring some of the pathways that have been spiritually depleted and calcified with layers and layers of personal and physical “pain”..

pain to me now is a symptom of something that generates a feeling to a place within my body that causes me to recognize something that is highly uncomfortable in a shooting and stabbing often sends me to my emotions evaluating the cause and effect that is taking place and what i am currently doing that is contributing to this awful feeling..

the human spirit is a fragile creature, that has to endure the blows of life in ways unimaginable..Some times our physical aliments are due more towards our emotional pathways that lead into the body that go ignored unnoticed and then never dealt with..peace love faith hope..