some of our most profound and greatest achievement are with in the purest most liberating FUCK IT moments that end up rocking your world..

11933481_934650003263966_233072096891655770_nlife gives us monumental moments that only require us to show up if we can get past our own borders of insecurities and neurosis that would otherwise hold us asks of us on levels of conscious living to surrender to all that we seem to make believe mentally in  our unrealistic reality and for a moment, just be present seeing its beautiful and yet brilliant authentic truth..

sometimes we use our black book of excuses as to why we are unable to make it to the table of enchanted possibilities creating every obstacle and road block as our guide of reference..the ability to commit to a process of something out of our control is difficult for most human beings simply because it requires us to beam up a stream of faith in something bigger than yourself which in return struggles with the over obsessed saturated in its self ego..

there are times, when it is impetrative to do what ever it is that you can to make your divine gift worth the adventure of its appearance, especially when you have asked for it..we at times don’t realize the value and power of our words that are released from our lips, that come from the depths within the chambers of our soul, and energetically make its way to the spiritual ears that are listening and waiting to answer prayers..

letters SPELL words, and words create SPELLS that are delivered above below beyond depending on what you speak when the SPELLING is done with be articulate and exact with your meaning, what you say while saying what you mean with intent and honesty since it will miraculously show up for you, granting you what you said, even if it wasn’t what you meant..there is magic in everything making nothing random and coincidental..

people and places come into play at times for our making of a moneumental moment, asking of you to be in the required now, without trying to find the science and logic behind it..sometimes, you have to put your store bought knowledge aside, and use your innate wisdom that is within you wired and programed with unexplained sensory that allow you to navigate, explore the beautiful unexplained happenings giving you a picture of your unwritten story from a different angle and reference..

be the Indiana jones at times on your path traveled taking the turns, dips, off road excursions that come at you in split second feel right decisions and give yourself the  freedom of having a moment of pure  adventure..stop analyzing, over or under estimating the egos value of invaluable pressure controlled attributes and follow your heart and gut towards extraordinary possibilities..some of our most profound and greatest achievement are with in the purest most liberating FUCK IT moments that end up rocking your world..

I am going to test my words, that I have spelled out here for you today, as I begin to take my self on a journey that requires of me to only show going to be articulate and be clear with my words and my thoughts, setting forth a pattern that will enable me to be unfiltered in a grounded way as I enter a zone that is beyond my control and out of my comfort always has a higher meaning when we are able to get off our high horse and see the landscape from another angle other than the one of our comfortable lower self’s brave, be courageous, be self vigilant, and be most open to all the magic possibilities that waiting for you to engage and connect..peace love faith hope