are you the cause or cure of something, and if your the cause ask yourself why

in a cruel world, be the light of inspiration shining your inner beam of radiant light powerfully outward touching the heart and soul of those around you..restoring faith in humanity is a collective conscious that takes extreme work and patience in a time when it has become rare to be authentic in the love you have to spread..

be radical and love yourself unapologetically in a world that teaches you to question your inner and outer beauty paying into a box system of massive the uniqueness you were given as the gift to your journey and use it to manifest your desired dreams exploring all of you that is awaiting your real arrival..

in a chatterbox environment be the voice of wisdom if not for any body else but yourself..listening to so many different theories and speculations simply derails you from our own gut information your body is trying to message you with..find the ability to silence all the noise there to infect you with over information that is strictly a ploy to take you farther away from the truth and become your own source of knowledge..

let go of the things that are no longer serving you, but dragging you farther along a road of destruction..when we hold onto something that isn’t good for us anymore it stunts our growth and prohibits us from allowing the universe to work in our favor..clean your space physically mentally spiritually and decide what is treasured and what isn’t viable anymore, making room for life to gift you what is needed for your evolution..

sometimes you need to be willing to stand on your own, without the help of others to feel the roots of your foundation and appreciate the space in which you occupy..feel your self in a capacity that wont allow you to run from your emotions..those feelings are essential and prudent to the discoveries within that heal and nourish the flow of life allowing you the greatest pleasure involved in all your relationships with man kind but more importantly the spirit within..

find a mantra that works for you in the most empowering way, and scream it at the top of your lungs when lemons are thrown at you, because they will be, and RISE to your inner beat and prevail..use this mantra for anything and everything and watch what happens when you allow the forces of nature to work in your favor..

are you the cause or cure of something, and if your the cause ask yourself why..hurt people, hurt people, and people who are in pain tend to be angry people..ask yourself again if your the cause or the cure in situations, and if your the cure than find a way to bring peace, love kindness and compassion as your greatest tool, instead of the negative attributes we use to cause others and ourselves unnecessary  pain..

I could go on and on, but I have a job to get too, so do yourself a favor and SMILE, SMILE to others, be nice, and remember to find the beauty instead of the ugly..change is a moment by moment opportunity that only you can control…peace love faith hope