our life in this state of affairs looks and feels like an emotional apocalypse

1610964_879493468782639_1823206210358823499_nthere are destructive people in this world who will drag you down, beating you up all the way until you hit the ground metaphorically and then claim they were right from the beginning for your failures in glorified pride..they can appear look act and be your ally when in truth they have found a way to manipulate you into believing that when in the most abundant truth, they are your enemy..

sometimes within the cracks of the infrastructure you can see the sick toxic relationship, before they spin you around again, loosing the ability to see the straight and narrow truth..they are the grandest of schemers perpetuating the disillusion to keep you dizzy and unarmed with sanity as a tool of your mass destruction slowly steadily and with greatest of patience..

I believe underneath all the toxicity there is a space within that knows and understands the damage being done but the control feels so strong that it paralyses your will and ability to get away from it, so you surrender to the possibility of freedom and continue to be manipulated and slowly destroyed physically spiritually mentally..

some of the most horrifying attacks are the ones we make upon ourselves without ever blinking at the words and actions used to persecute and punish ourselves for what we think we believe we deserve..sometimes our greatest enemy is the enemy within that is supercharged because of the deflated sense of love and self worth that has been gone, missing, unavailable, unrecognizable for whatever the reason is to the words in your story..

we blame others for our short comings and the inability to take accountability believing that the world is solely rotating around our own orbit oblivious to the massive mess in the wake of our behavior..our life in this state of affairs looks and feels like an emotional apocalypse, rightfully so,  because the clarity and wisdom of the truth is lacking and unavailable to the psyche that regulates a healthy and viable balance between our human attributes of sanity..

we create single handily the life that we are living..even when we surrender our power over to someone or something else, it is a choice made by you..you create the environment that you decide to marinate in and you decorate it according to the energy that you feel making it look and feel exactly correct to the space and place you reside in, to a tee..

before we are able to make peace with the outer world around us, we are in dyer need of making peace within ourselves releasing the oppressor who dominates and dictates the outcomes of chaos and strife in the mental battle ground of the war within..you must seek asylum from your lower toxic voice and find refuge in the sanctuary of your heart, slowly restoring and nourishing the story of your soul that sings beautifully to the beat of your everlasting unconditional undeniable love..

it is only and always there for you and you will find the secrets passage of a healthy life and the hidden keys that unlocks the secret of success and personal freedom..peace love faith hope