you are no longer limited by the child you once were to grow and expand into the creative adult you wish to become.

what is it your thirsty for, that you crave and possibly desire more so than any thing else imagined..what is it that you think about that stirs the inside of your soul making your spirit move you beyond tears when touched to the deepest capacity know within your being..can I ask, have you ever been metaphorically touched that deeply to comprehend the questions that I ask..

you see, I believe we have all been generically modified to accommodate the status quo mentality that our society deems fitting for all of us to be fitted in..we are expected to be a Xerox copy of every one and everything that surrounds us, plugged and fed information that was not specifically customized and suited for our ungeneric, yet very beautiful authentic self..13495296_10154453023889271_2805424541731168283_n

I think most of us have become absolutely critically lazy and have given up on our highest ideas based on the disappointment of every body else already comfortable with the feeling of as good as its going to me, that is a complete and total cop out leaving everybody else accountable and responsible for your own lack of self and worth following blindly along giving up the most import aspects to your life..the disfunctional surrender of the human spirit going bad..

we are so afraid to disrupt our lives holding on to things, ideas and people that have made us inadvertently ILL with aliments that are very real physiologically yet without a true diagnosis and prescription, medicating ourselves ever greater until we are truly fucked beyond repair..we except this state of mess we are in because fear of loss of any capacity is greater than the challenge of positive change causing an evolutionary shift that is possibly out of your old self control..

I see people give up all the time when they start a process of change because we are a quick fix mickey mouse band aid society that makes everything invaluable that doesn’t happen over night..sometimes it takes a full lifetime to witness a pure authentic change yet its incomparable to the fix you get when its quick and easy with a limited shelf life once again forcing you to revaluate this needed change your physical an mental temple is dying for you to make, literally..

so I ask again, what is it that you are thirsty for, that hasn’t quenched your life thus far that you have missed and needed, that the road you choose to take based off survival couldn’t provide for you..what is it that is deeply missing that is crucial to the next  extension of this already viable life that needs updating and tweaking to accommodate all the shifts and changes being made as you evolve and enlighten along your path..what does it mean to incorporate your dreams and desires creating a healthy loving honest authentic original beautiful life meant specifically for you..

you are no longer limited by the child you once were to grow and expand into the creative adult you wish to have sold yourself out and your self short when you are no longer living and dreaming for your own abundance and prosperity yet for that of someone are in the end being true to nobody and teaching those around you how to live and create a life of fiction deception and betrayal first hand..

the greatest amount of fear is capsized when you can over fill it with the greatest amount of true, be free, be brave, be authentic, take a risk  and try not be so thirsty simply because you are deeply nourished! peace love faith hope