Sometimes, I draw cards as a projection to what I wish the world could see.. I sit and think about all the things the universe is craving while I shuffle my beloved cards of picturesque beauty that deliver messages in a language that is most elegant and transforming..I think about my role in this equation and how I can participate as a spiritual being who has the ability to transmit energetic  love outward in a boundless matter because love always wins..
THE SUN is a vibrant beautiful energy that nourishes and illuminates so everything is able and capable to shine brightly..it reminds us that even within the darkness there is the ability to draw forth the light, enlightening us beyond capacity!

2 OF WANDS is attached to the energy of personal power, that flows from the divine intention of ambition and having the ability to achieve any thing you set out to do..influence those around you in a positive uplifting way sharing your infectious inner greatness with those around you inspiring courage to preserver radiating true desire and intention..

3 OF CUPS is a beautiful card reminding us to socialize while making connections with those around you! It’s about friendships community joy abundance wholeness goodness..celebrating all life as unified energy collectively together in harmony and peace..

These are magnifecent cards that I wish for the universe to connect too while infecting mankind to be more gracious loving kindhearted patience open minded invested courageous happy joyful respectful engaging ambitious while radiating in a team spirited way..I hope we can all find serenity in our chaos, the light of the sun in our darkeness, The ability to be connected beyond our limitations and practice the art of forgiveness with an open heart and mind..peace love faith hope