Sometimes we abandon our dreams and with it our ambitions because life gets in the way making it difficult to walk away from our responsibilities..there is a time and place for everything meant to happen and it is up to us to see the signs being sent as a universal highlight in hopes to Gain our attention..our surrounding are demanding of us to strick when it is considered “HOT” so to speak by the 8 of wands firestorming its electricity from the darkness of our desires brilliantly into the light highlighting the notion that the time is now..

The KING COBRA designed to represent the king of wands is a magestic magnetic energy creating results asking you to take the needed action to manifest your desires and dreams into reality..this creature is demanding of you to rise expand and dare to be seen and admired for your control and power of transition leaping into new opportunities..img_3668

The DOE daughter of pentacles is a magical measenger bringing forth the goodness of prosperity abundance in all that you seek for especially when making your dreams become real..maybe it’s time to grow and expand within the rainbow of your kingdom spreading your self outward in a joyful light hearted way!

Take the time to relax into your  field of dreams and see how it feels to be able to pursue something your passionate about and seriously ready to consider..if it’s taking a class, or starting a group designed to enrich your already practice, doing or hosting a workshop, creating a business or even leaving a career you are growing out of..

now is the time to use this unique energy to harvest your ambitions that have been on the back burning while bringing them outward dusting them off and reexaming them to pursue the ideas that once you were not ready for..may we all be filled with the power of spiritual electrical transition that warrants us to evolve into the best possible beautiful us ever..peace love faith hope