..im practicing an ANTI HATE CAMPAIGN

historically for centuries  we brutally continue to repeat horrible acts of behavior culturally onto each other since we haven’t truly healed and learned the root meanings to the insecurities and short comings that have been passed down for generations upon generations..victim upon victim we move farther and farther away from the unity of us as humans beings only to be seen for a face value on the outside, never seeing us as a divinity to the spectrum we are all inner connected too..

it saddens me deeply,  all the hate that is over populating our world daily, hourly continuously..we as human beings are constantly persecuting each other with our words, our beliefs, our actions holding our hateful fear more accountable than the love that could change it all if we could only see each other in other capacities and forms changing the DNA of our past ancestors history that has been spiritually passed along the genetic make up of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritually..

our earth, our home, this land of everyone is going through a highly toxic period of human HATE disease more powerful than that of the cancers of our body, spreading its venom through out the entire world seeping into every crevis it has a chance to infect, slowly painfully filling it with hate upon hate creating ciaos instead of creating love to replenish a depleted human specie slowly destroying each other..

while I don’t have any answer to somebody else’s hateful ways and beliefs, I can only pray for my own personal redemption and that for humanity as well..i pray for all of mother natures children and for this beautiful earth that is slowly failing because we as people are destroying single handedly the planet we occupy by our ways as a whole..the world is demanding a change, a positive powerful change, you can hear it screaming at us if you stop and listen closely to energy that is circulating around us all every where..

so today, im going to work on releasing the things that I hold on too that don’t and wont ever serve me, that have held me back and lessoned my connection to people in general..im practicing an ANTI HATE CAMPAIGN because sometimes I really just hate people in general because of their stupidity and maybe just maybe if I open my heart chakra up a bit more today discovering a needed tolerance for my own personal sanity it will let out some of my powerful infinite love creating a chain of reaction that can inspire someone else to act and do in a positive loving manner as well..

as I cast one drop of my truth of loving spirit into the vast ocean of this beautiful universe I pray it will create waves of love sprouting hope and KINDNESS amongst us all as people of the human species we are all related and connected too by the nature of our absolute existence..peace love faith hope