essentially it is up to us as individuals to figure our own shit out

someone, somewhere, sometime ago, made you believe something about you, a very untrue idea of your self that you have unconsciously molded and created your life around unintentionally, out of bad miss guided information based on the unhealthy ick of somebody else’s journey..

this could be and probably is the massive blockage that has kept you from achieving your desired dreams and accomplishing your goals prohibiting you from living a life less than what your ultimately supposed to be doing..all because of a seed that was planted on someone else’s terms that you somehow watered and nurtured making it a living growing aspect to your garden of thoughts and knowledge..1932240_10152074759873145_2057471100_n

imagine if you can for a moment,  your grown up self traveling back in spiritual time to witness first hand the spoken words to that child of your self..imagine the damaging aspects of the worded limitations that created fears and beliefs in you, that now as an adult you can better understand and realize the effects that it had, and how it molded and created a falseness to your ideas that linger in the tiny threads of your spirit..

sometimes, we have feelings that go against the grains to which we have been taught, be it by our parents, our peers, our educators, society in general, that makes no sense to us as spiritual beings craving a different response to it all without any tools to achieve this destination..we become afraid to question all that we have learned base out of the fear of being different while going against or opposing what we have been taught to be fact that is weightless for us as our own individual self, having our own experience in this life..

we choose to act out of fear at times to other people beliefs and ways that continues to control our natural evolution while holding us back..we become afraid of growing forward ahead of others instead of leaning into all the countless possibilities we might have had if things were spoken to us in much different capacity and way..

for example, I was a horrible student with the limited capabilities and a serious learning disability, seriously I flunked first grade..i was told by countless people via school and my peers at how stupid I was that I wholehearted believed and marinated in their word of god as this to be altered my ability to move past this limited belief altering my future and what I could have achieved if I was taught and told differently..

there are countless amounts of examples that we as humans have be subjected too and subjected other people too..some may have been done out of malic and intent and some done out of not knowing any better because we are all genuinely fucked up to some have the potential to either build somebody up and aid in their growth or slowly poison their evolution keeping them frail and small exactly where you want them..

i had a “friend” that I breathed and believed everything that she said to me..even when it meant I was belittled and emotionally destroyed by her words at me and believed them all to be true..i finally moved away and let her go based on bad experiences after bad experiences at my own hands once I detoxified myself from that kind of relationship..i can now look back and see the destructive behavior I never held myself accountable for but more importantly allowed..she wanted to keep me small for her own insecure reasons, and dummie me made myself invisible..

we can as adults, only hold other people accountable until a certain age and time for their wrong doings..essentially it is up to us as individuals to figure our own shit out and to heal forgive repair nurture and begin to replant new seeded ideas within our selves of positive love growing purpose that will rejuvenate the passions that were watered down and diluted by those holding us back..

the wisdom through out life has lead us to where we are today if we can rise to the occasion and take that journey backward to repair wounds that have needed us to mend..yes they are painful, and yes they may hurt, but in the end, the discomfort is temporary and the freedom you receive is so overwhelmingly positive that you soon realize it wasn’t that bad as you had feared it to be based on your bogus beliefs..

be your own human the authentic things that make you feel wonderful and the things that make you feel will know on your own what feels right for you and what makes your skin crawl even when someone else tries to convince you otherwise..know the boundaries of your soul and set sail to explore the limitations that were once  limits used to hold you the endless possibilities within your kingdom of self changing the course that ultimately wasn’t yours to take..peace love faith hope




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