..i cant imagine what it is like to be you in the circle of us

1150201_10151675856573145_1025546666_nim not sure what its like to be a step father, but I can imagine from a mothers perspective as mine, its got to be the most single handling hardest job on earth, especially within our tribal family..

for the last 5.4 years, I have watched you, my beloved husband, love these girls as flesh of your own, and as souls you feel compelled to protect and serve with pride respect and an uncensored unconditional love..i have been watching with beaming pride your assentation into fatherhood, the loyalty that is a forever constant even when it is at times felt very one sided..you have never given up on these two children despite the adversity and behavior of those around who have tried to diminish this role you lovingly chose out of LOVE to step into with an honor and pride..because in truth you always had a choice..

I know of many different fathers, who demonstrate far less to their offspring of flesh and blood and are given more applause simply out of the genetics which we know doesn’t matter in the grander scale..i know personally you deserve a round of applause for your devout work in this role of fatherhood, even if they are considered by outsiders not really yours..this is by far a false representation simply of what their distorted love looks like and is not about you, but who they are as humans and individuals with a limited capacity of what love should feel and look like..

so today I raise my grail to you, for sticking it out when times have been really sticky and hard, for never giving up when I suppose most people would have, for finding the compassion strength and constant courage to continue loving unconditionally and teaching and showing these girls an authentic stature of nature to live and love by..THANK YOU

you are never unnoticed in my eyes for who you are, what you do, how you behave, and the sacrifices you gave in to in order to be in our lives..i cant imagine what it is like to be you in the circle of us, however I am so utterly glad you are their role model, a most loving man who fathers them unconditionally teaching them some of the most beautiful things I hope one day will rub off..HAPPY FATHERS DAY ERAN! thank you for believing in me, in these girls, and in us..<3 <3 <3